Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It came from 1/2 way around the world!

Around the same time I decided to start cooking dinner last night, my Oldest came flying in the house with the mail, Yelling! 'Your box from New Zealand is here!' 'What?? It's here already?!' I couldn't believe it......the pony express must of rode Really fast, huh!!! Coincidence? that I was in the process of writing her an email as well? It had to be fate. I sent her a crazy half written email, and told her I'd be back when I got to open everything, and got dinner cooked.

I still can't get over ALL the cool stuff Mercedes from http://libertybiberty.blogspot.com/ sent! We'll start on the left with the 2 little bedside tables....They'll be perfect in Katie's Corner! On top of the tables is one of the birdhouses she made, and a little pink purse. She sent a baker's rack....a mini game boy....Some great material, An aged dragon fly box.....a few beads, 2 little birdhouses on stakes.....

...She sent these great mini prints for Cora's kitchen. Funny thing is I have these exact same prints saved on the computer for the day I get a new printer....mine died a few months back~and it's killing me not to make any printies.....But like I said, without knowing, she sent me the same pictures I wanted to use!! Again....I'm questioning her psychic skills over here!

Then I opened this. I was so excited to see that she made a bulletin board for Cora's kitchen...But, then I looked closer and saw that her daughter, Liberty, drew a pineapple for us, too! You see it over on the left!!! It actually brought tears to my eyes....That something special there! I never expected something so personal!!! Thanks again Liberty!!!!

....and then just when I thought it couldn't get any better than that, I opened this card. Enclosed I found this:

Now these are the whole reason I got the box to begin with. She had offered to make some for me, and we ended up doing a trade. And I thought I was getting a couple. My jaw dropped when I saw how many she had sent! WOW!!!! And look she even did some for Cora's name!!!! ...sniff! sniff!! How awesome is that! Thanks again!! Mercedes!!! You really out did yourself!!!!!!!

OK...I'll be back tomorrow....I still have blog awards to get to....A blog giveaway to remind you of..........and I still have to go buy some plaster. Turns out that that's not plaster in the bathroom....It's Joint compound. Any one know the difference? Has anyone tried using joint compound for a project like this?? OK, just thought I'd ask....

Until Tomorrow!


MiniKat said...

Joint compound smells worse and has a slightly different color to it. I've used it like plaster for minis, and the texture is a bit different but it is ok to use.

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Katie!
I'm glad you like it all. I have the larger original pineapple drawing on my real notice board at home. I think it's one of the best things Liberty's ever drawn. It was fun making all these things for you!

Debbie said...

Wow what wonderful surprises you received in the post. How lovely is that little drawing by Liberty, what a thoughtful gift. I love Mercedes little Bird Houses.