Sunday, March 15, 2009

Decisions have been made.............

I finally got Cora to make some final decisions about the house.
*First.....she has decided to do the kitchen in Pineapples. LOL...I suggested Roosters or Sunflowers or something....and she wants pineapples.....So pineapples it is.

*Second was the color of the bathroom. All the appliances in there are a shade of green, and neither her nor I liked the yellow walls. So, she has chosen white. I can handle white......white towels, white tile, ect...... It will be pretty.

*And the Third decision was the color of the little sitting room. You have to help me here....She wants RED! Now, I tried to remind her that every other room in her house is painted a pastel color, and that red would throw it off, but she still wants red. I don't think she wants to hear anything I have to say about it.....but I might of convinced her to go with a pale green. She has this green and red dish set that she wants to display in here.....And I think a pale green room would be great. I can paint the cabinet and the chairs and table red........But not the walls.


Chris V. said...

The sitting room in pale green and the furniture red would look great. Tell Cora. How about a compromise - add a border with both colors? She's got the knack, coordinating her dishes. A mini decorator is born.

Pineapples, very original. You need some kind of pineapple items too - how about cute pineapple canisters from clay? (Instigator.) heh heh. pineapple seat cushions?

Debbie said...

Oh bless her, Pineapples! Looking forward to seeing them. What about just an accent wall in Red, may be the little bit of Wall that sticks out and the rest of the walls in white.

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Chris.....Hahaha...I've alredy thought and looked at pineapple canisters.....And there's a pineapple teapot on etsy! I need to find some tiny stickers, too. Already found a pretty rug that I need to print out........And I figured if I couldn't find lots of pineapple stuff (Again.....why pineapples, .....OH...wait~ Grandma collects pineapples- You know they're a sign of hosipitality?!) I was saying, If I can't find accessories, I'll just have to make lots of pineaplle food...pineapple upside cake, Pineapple and ham......what else?