Monday, March 16, 2009

Shadow Box Tutorial

Thought I'd tell you how I make a shadow box. I'm sorry there's no I have said in the past..."I just wing it"!! LOL....Let me show you....
*First, I used a piece of Bosawood for the background. I'm using one that is 3 inches wide. I drew a line down the middle.....then I drew a line 1.5 inches from the bottom, and then another line 3/4 inches from that.....(I did this on both ends, so I can make 2 boxes) In that 3/4 inch line, draw your roof. I can't explain this in words.....but if you look at the picture, you will see what I mean. **The measurements on this don't have to be what I can use this idea to make any size you want!

*Next, using my exacto knife, I cut out both background pieces.

*Then we have to start the sides. (I'm using left over bosawood mini 2x4s) I start with the roof top. I use a extra piece of wood to hold things in place- you can see my index finger is holding this piece still. Then I line up my roof piece and cut it along with the straight line we drew earlier. Do this for both sides, then glue.

*Do the same thing for the bottom piece, just line up the outside edges and cut. You see I didn't cut the top bottom sides of the roof. I wait for everything to dry, then flip it over and cut it down. It's just easier that way.
*Next is the sides. I place the piece of wood over where I need it and draw a line. I cut this a hair's always easier to sand it down, then having to cut another piece. Do this for both sides, and then glue into place. far we have the back piece glued to the frame of the shadow box. I glue the pieces onto of the background piece...Not next to it.

*Next, it's the inner long pieces......Again I eye-balled this...cutting a little bigger, then sanding it down to fit snugly....Just sand a little at a time, and dry fit it, till it fits. I use an emery board to do this kind of sanding....Makes life a lot easier!

*Then we have to cut the piece that fits inside the 2 pieces you just cut. And after that, we have to cut 2 pieces that will make up those bottom squares. (Eye-ball, cut, sand, and glue) I'm using another piece of wood as my way to make sure that both sides are evenly spaced from the outside.

*The last step is cutting the piece that runs in between the 2 squares....(Yup! Eye-ball, cut, sand and glue)
Now all you have to do is decorate! I gave this one a coat of gesso first, then painted 2 coats of pink, then dry brushed a coat of white, then sanded it down and don't forget to finish it with a coat of sealer.
Have fun! And if you have any questions, just ask.....
*Oh, and don't stress out if you end up with little gaps, you can fill these in with a little bit of glue and no one will know the difference!


Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing Katie.. Another thing to put on my to do list..
Mini Hugs

The Carolina Quilter said...

Thank you so much for your tutorial--these are so cute--you need to sell them on Etsy. Or let me do it and send you a commission for everyone I sell! haha!


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Now Jody...don't you go getting yourself into some crazy get rich quick scheme, hahaha.....Honestly, though I have thought seriously about finding a rep to handle the business end, so I can concentrate on creating!

kathi said...

I really like this. Thanks for the tutorial! You just might see one of these on my mini blog one of these days! :)

Chris P.'s Miniatures and more said...

Oh this is so sweet!! thank you