Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You just have to speak their lingo!

Chris from http://candidcanine.blogspot.com/ asked me recently if my kids were getting into the 'miniatures'? In a sense they are..........but for now, their medium happens to be Lego's. Thought you'd enjoy a quick picture of a home, my daughter built! Luckily, I'm a pack rat........so my kids have all of my Lego's from when I was a kid, as well as there's. Lego should really consider making some kind of building sets for houses! I'd like a nice English Tudor, please! (With a princess......and a frog!) And maybe you could change some of those horses into unicorns for me, too!


A. Wright said...

I adored Lego's as a kid. I used to build houses all the time. Lego's are a gateway drug (to minis) in my opinion.

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Katie! My kids are 4 and 12 and Lego is one of the few toys that spans the age gap. They don't mind whether it's the big stuff or the little and it's wonderful to see them being so creative...and getting along!

Debbie said...

You ought to send in your ideas to Lego Katie. We have all the Harry Potter sets. They have trolls,magic wands owls etc in them..Snapes dungeon even has little potion bottles and all the little figures have capes!

chris v said...

Hey that's still pretty cool. Wouldn't that be neat if they did make house kits? Maybe you should write the company; after all, they all those ships and other stuff?
So when's your daughter gonna build a mansion? haa!