Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Saturday!

I forgot to show you what else Mom sent...(sorry Mom)....She sent Curtains! There's curtains for Cora's nursery, bedroom and the parents room. I was hoping to have a picture of them installed....I just haven't been that motivated, lol. Soon....still have to figure out how I'm going to attach them to the wall. I need to find some kind of bead or something......

Then the other night I decided to make a pillow with some Carebear Cousin material I had. The one on the left was my first try.....stupid me sewed the whole thing inside out!! LOL.....So I had to make another one. I'm thinking it may go to live in Katie's Corner....all things pink go there!!
Cute, huh!!!

Yeah I know...that picture was a little lopsided.......I was trying to step over all this crap to get to Katie's Corner (it's on the left under the blue pillow case~My kitty protector....although it doesn't work, I caught Otis standing in the top floor last night!)...I swear........I do clean this area often, I just can't keep it organized! LOL... I have a mental list of where everything is back here....until one of the little people come along to borrow my scissors or tape or something....Then it may be MIA for a minute, LOL.....Those darn kids! Where's their scissors, why do they have to use mine?? LOL....
I know, I know......I made this mess, can't blame it on the kiddos! LMAO!!

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