Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update on the Skate Shop

Debbie asked for some pics of the Skate Shop.......I'm a long way from being done~ haven't started the outside yet, but the inside is moving along nicely!
I put the closed sign on the front door, seeing as it's not finished yet. And what would a skate shop be without stickers Everywhere???

And here's the inside:

My favorite spot is over here......We can watch 'The Rob and Big Show" on the laptop......
LOL...Looks like the owner rode his "Toystory" board today, Hope he don't get dissed for having such a juvenile board! hehe.... Oh, and those are tiny stickers in and on the cabinet~ Remember I said there has to be lots of stickers, lol!!!

Let's see........I used cork to do the floors......Other than trying to keep the cat out of it~ he likes to 'pluck' the cork with his claws~ The floor is really, really neat!! You should try it sometime!
There's a bin to the left full of posters, magazines on and in the front counter and Lucky dog to protect it from intruders.......

Remember the plant I found a home in the back right corner...And in the front right corner....We have colored grip tape, I made the little case it's in, and then decoupaged pictures from a skate magazine onto it. Adds character!

If you look on the top shelf in the big cabinet, you will see all the wheels. That's the cabinet that those truck will go into. Bet you can't guess what I'll be doing today. LOL
*Most of the skateboards in the shop are Tech son collects them, and I wanted something special to display them in!
Hope you've enjoyed the pictures....I'm off to see what kind of trouble I can get into today! :)


SenaMena said...

I love the shop!! Are you a skater?
Are the skateboards kids toys or did you make them?

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Hi Rachel aka SenaMena....The skateboards are Tech Decks....Kids toys that my son collects. I have no balance to skate, but have grown up around skaters. My son has skated from time to time, but prefers his bike now. I'm glad you've enjoyed the pictures!!

tarapiglet said...

You know what would be so cool, a mini pair of DC's.