Sunday, March 8, 2009

Awards and FYI

Wow! 2 more blog awards!!

First I received this award
from at A. Wright at! Thanks for reading my blog!
Then I received this award

from De from LOL, I admit, I had to pull out the dictionary on this one. Her friend said, "it's for 'Most Prolific Miniaturist' because of a standing joke on the Small World forum." I had no clue what 'prolific' meant, nor do I understand what the joke is about....but according to the dictionary, prolific means: 1. producing many offspring (mice are prolific, and I guess you could say I was, too~ LOL...I have 3 kids!) and 2. producing much.....oh, ok...I get it....We produce many miniatures...hahaha
I'm assuming I'm suppose to pass this along to 15 people......My goodness, who chose fifteen?? And why???? Not that I'm complaining...ok, maybe just a little.....but 15? Don't get me wrong, I love all of your blogs.......just can't remember 15 websites.....but I wanna play fair, and recognize the people that are "Prolific" Miniaturists!!
1. . Chris~ We've tossed around so many ideas in the past year, thanks for your friendship!
2. Casey~ I just love all her great ideas, and she's sooo talented.....I look forward to my daily reading of Everyday!!!
3. Debbie~ from her minis to the mini horses, I'd say she's prolific!
4. Nikki from Witch and Wizard Miniatures I just want one of everything she makes!! (Especially her mushrooms!)
5. Ana from Thanks for all the encouragement and fan mail! (And for enjoying the pictures of Otis) I'm still in love with your music room!
6. Sophia from Thanks for giving me my very first comment ever! Your miniatures are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!
7 Doreen at From her plants to the fake snow, it's all great!.....and I just love her 'roomboxes', too!
8. Brenda at Her adobe house has given me so much inspiration to start the Star Wars Toy Store!
9. Mercedes at Love her little houses! Can't wait to get to know you better!
10. Sumaiya ..... Can't choose just one blog to give the award to, so I'm just simply giving it to you.
11. Tara at And who wouldn't want to live in Pooh's house??
12. Kat from She makes me wish I had a witch, I so love her hats!
13. Kim from I just want to move into her mini kitchen, there's always something good cooking! Love her table scenes!!
14. Check out the mini castle tutorial!
15. And last but not least ............ I still can't get over that awesome looking salmon you made!!
Again, thank-you for my awards, and I hope you all enjoy yours!
*Need ideas for curtains.....check out this site:

*This site is about miniature trains....but has some good info and pictures of brick and stone work.....


Ana Anselmo said...

Hi! Katie!!
thanks for the award, and yes, I love that cat, your blog wouldn´t be the same without Otis :), he is really a star, and he knows that eh! eh!
About my music room, you are in the queue to inherit it, but I am afraid you have a lot of people in advance....LOLhugs

Sofia said...

Thank you!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for thinking of me Katie.

Liberty Biberty said...

Thanks Katie!