Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guess What?

Yup! More pineapples.......Yesterday was a waste as far as being productive goes. I spent the morning on the computer, and after a doctor appt. in the afternoon, I came home and slept all evening. Of course the bf came in when he got hungry to see 'what time I wanted to wake up'...LOL....Good thing I know how they are, so I already had a pizza ready to go in the freezer. Thank god! to whomever invented the pizza cooker! Plug it in, put the pizza on the tray, and set the timer to 20 minutes...then ding~ It's done! So easy the bf and the kid can do it!!!

After dinner, I did manage to make a few more accessories. I like all of them except the little one in the front with the handles~ the handles are simply too big! Other than that, they'll make a good addition to the ever so large collection of pineapple stuff I have sitting on the coffee table. JD, my black cat, tested their durability this morning when he knocked every last one of them onto the floor! Way to go JD! Thanks for helping buddy!
OK, I'm off to go find a longer dryer cord. Seems the one we got with our new dryer is 2 inches too short to reach the outlet! Just my luck!!


Debbie said...

Are you trying to use all that Pineapple Cane up Katie... Love the pots.

Liberty Biberty said...

And what does Cora think of all this pinappley cuteness? Is she still into it? Because my kids would be changing their minds every two days about what they liked (a bit like me I guess)!