Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cora's Kitchen...again!

Cora and I also managed to get some more of her Kitchen done.

I got Mercedes' picture and bulletin board glued onto the wall. Added a few more accessories....BTW: that orange bowl by the kitchen sink is the top of an orange juice container~ Makes a good fruit bowl!

Got some more stuff put up on the shelf. I don't think the pictures will stay.....I just haven't found the perfect place from them yet. I want to glue the smaller one to the side of the fridge~ but I don't like the fridge, and would like to get a better, we will just have to wait and see what happens! Oh, and the big pineapple on the right~ came off the top of a kids bubbles bottle!

This shelf is filled, but I'd still like to up grade some things at the bottom~ Everything must match, darn it!! Those blue and white dishes gotta go!! LOL!

Cora decided that she didn't want the door on the upper cabinet, one had fallen off and the other was kinda just hanging we took them off! We both agreed it looks much better now! She put all of the boxed food she could get her hands on, into the top of this cabinet. And I moved the trash can over to this wall, because it's now behind the stairs where you really can't see it. I'm sorry, but I'm not making her kitchen 'pretty' to showcase a loaded trash, so I'm hiding it.....It's still there, you just don't see it right away anymore!

I still want a big area rug...something with pineapples of course...with a black and white trim. And she's going to need a hand towel for the sink....again, looking for something with a pineapple on it. Oh, and did I tell you that my Mom found material with these tiny pineapples on it~ she wants to make curtains, and seat pads for the kitchen chairs. (You may notice one chair is missing....she has it on her craft table awaiting to be measured. LOL!)

.....getting that much closer to being done! :)


De said...

Cora's kitchen is looking wonderful!

MiniKat said...

It looks great! :-)

I've been trying to figure out how to do some mini tea towels with pineapples on them. Lemme know if you still needs some.

Dlsarmywife said...

I LOVE it Katie!!! I'm normally not a fan of yellow, but this kitchen is so bright and cheery and well...welcoming! I can't wait to see the curtains and other bits too!

rosanna said...

I love the trash can, makes everything livelier. Are you sure to get rid of it?

tarapiglet said...


Hey I've got a kit for you. Send me your mailing address either at my blog or e-mail me,
Much Love,

Liberty Biberty said...

Wow! That pineapple kitchen looks really good! Love all the pineapples you've found and your 'china' really makes it.
That cabinet you took the doors off is the exact same one as the one I painted in my little kitchen and I took the doors off it too! Funny eh?!

Caseymini said...

The kitchen is looking great. I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

The room is nice and bright. If you want to buy a rug, there is a girl who used to be on one of my groups and I know she makes rugs. She might make you a pinapple one to order. Her site is She did the one I have in my sewing room and it is great.

Sans said...

Katie, your themed kitchen is coming along really nicely. I like the trash can too with overflowing trash. Maybe you can put some pineapple skin to match the kitchen so that you need not get rid of the rubbish? :D

A. Wright said...

Looking great, I have to agree the trash makes it looked lived in, but you dont want it to be the focal point :)

Love the juice cap bowl !