Friday, April 10, 2009

My BIG Easter Giveaway....

OK, so Chris let the cat out of the bag and Wished me my first Official Happy Birthday today... Yup! ~I'm turning 30 (Yuck!) on Easter Sunday. So, I thought I’d do something special for my blog friends. I decided to do another giveaway! Hopefully you guys are more excited about this one than the last, I was kinda sad to see that so few people entered…….Oh well, gave the ones that did enter a better chance of winning! So….now onto this one!

Here’s how this giveaway is going to work….In order to enter this giveaway…..You must leave me a comment on this post, and tell me when Your birthday is….I’m not asking the year here….just the Month and day……..That's it...Simple enough, huh?

OK...So what's in my box?? I've been going through my stash all week, 'cleaning' out my treasures. And I figured I'd put them all together and use them as my Easter Giveaway. There's some really fun stuff in here. Actually there's so much in here~ I'm afraid it would be easier to just show you instead of telling you.......

First are the store bought items... Beads, shells, TVs.......Some Easter straws....

Then we have some handmade goodies.....My favorite is the framed picture of Mt. Rushmore...I added in one of the llamas I've met along my way...LOL, even made him look like Sherlock Homes, hehehe

And I also went through my stash of material, and cut out some squares. Some squares are big, some are little.....
And who knows what else I will throw in? We leave in the morning for DC......And we'll be home early next week. First thing Wednesday morning (April 15th) , I'll put all the names in a hat, and let Cora draw a name out. Sound good??

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter! Remember to share your candy! You believe my kids hide their candy from me.....Brats!! LOL, they've gotten smarter over the years, when they were little I could get away with it, now that their older....those turds notice when something is missing...LOL

Happy Easter!!!


MiniKat said...

September 28... *cough* same year as yours *cough* ;-)

Lotti said...

Hi, Katie!

Happy Birthday! Make all your wishes come true.

Your package is a terrific. Only lovely things and so much!!! The winner will be happy.

Have a nice time in DC. I do not know what DC means. Maybe Washington DC???

I´m a virgin. My birthday is on September the first.

Kind greetings,

Debbie said...

"Happy Birthday To You" for Sunday. Hope you have a fantastic time.
My Birthday is 12th January..

Ana Anselmo said...

WOW! I don´t know if this is only US residents, but here I am, I can resist to a package like that (LOL)
my birthday is the 30th of April (yes, ver soon) and I am older then you (LOL), I was born in 1955, but miniaturists are always young , aren´t they?
I am not wish you a happy birthday, because in Portugal it gives bad luck , just in the day or after.
Lots of mini hugs from Portugal

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Katie,
That's a lovely lot of loot you're giving away!
I'll happily tell you my birthday is December 28th. Hubby always invites the family (he has 5 sisters) around for a barbecue and I end up slaving in the kitchen all day...I tell ya it's the same every year! LOL! I can larf about it now, but I'm not larfin' on the day.

Liberty Biberty said...

Enjoy your trip! Enjoy your birthday! Enjoy your family! And enjoy what ever candy comes your way!
Happy Easter

SmallBakery said...

Hi!My name is Katerina and I was born on the second day of August!Happy Easter everybody!

Chris V. said...

Hey great idea! Cool Stuff! Please don't put my name in. I have enough of my own stuff so I'll let someone else win. But you gave me a great idea!
Have a GREAT Birthday. (Remember you're not getting older, only getting better. haaa!) Have a great vacation too!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a great giveaway and it looks like I am the first to comment. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful Easter Katie. My birthday is February 11, 1943. I have no problem with putting the year down as at my age - who cares! Now make sure you shake up the box real good so that my name doesn't get buried on the bottom since it was the first one. LOL

A. Wright said...

Happy Birthday!!!

30 isn't so bad. It didn't even bother me when the ladies at work trashed by desk,put a "GUESS HOW OLD I AM" banner across my cabinets, and left an assortment of big blatant 30 items around. They left candy, cards and gifts too so all was fogotten.

Mine is Sept 21, sumemr ends & I'm a year older :(

Anonymous said...

Great blog Katie! Tanya 8/15

rosanna said...

Hi Katie, how nice of you!! Thank you very much. I'm older than you being born December 13th, 1966! nearly 43... Best wishes to you and your family

De said...

I got my dishes today. They are so pretty! Thank you, Katie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday
Your is close to mine which is next Wednesday, April 15th. Actually going out for my birthday dinner right now.
Picking up my Mom and Sister and Hubby and I will make a nice foursome for BBQ ribs, potatoe, garlic bread and a huge salad bar. Hungry yet........

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I just had my 65th on March 24, and made a resolution to make gifts for each of my nieces and nephews so they will have something personalized, made by me, as a keepsake when I am gone.There will be a private letter from me to them enclosed. So you see, I agree it's a good idea to give something back for the privelege of enjoying another year of a good life.
All my best, Sherry

Anonymous said...

What a nice posting Katie! My children are grown, but my grandson just turned 5. It will be exciting to see him tomorrow and his reaction to all the madness. Happy BD and Easter. GaryinNH March 25th (grandson Boyce, March 28th)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am new to Camp and am not computer savy but what a great blog and site. Very cute - met some campers in Chicago -great people. My B day is Sept 13 - reading twilight now and it is Bella's B day as well ( the main character ) also my sisters ( not twins ) she says I ruined her B Day party but I don't believe it. Have a great birthday and Happy Easter


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday and I do hope it's the best yet.
My birthday is August 3rd.
Linda Gillham
Hot Springs, AR said...

Hi Katie. My name is Rita. I live in Texas and I have been "lurking" around the Mini websites. I am so new to this, both of my hands are still green! LOL!
I just wanted to wish you a "Hoppy" Birthday and how blessed you are to have been born on such a wonderful day.
I admire your work and....30 is a great year to be. So much ahead of you! My birthday is September 6th. and I was born on Labor Day, so you know what I have heard all my life!
Rita D. in TX

Logsteader said...

YOu have some neat stuff there

Bev in Colo said...

Hi Katie,
Looks like you've been doing a great deal of cleaning. That's what I need to do also. I like you idea of giving away your clean-outs! Make someone happy and give yourself a boast!! Yay!
My birthday is July 30!!! and let's just say that I've getting SS and have been for a couple of years!!
Have a Happy Birthday and lots of goodies.
Mini Hugs
Bev in Colo

The Lone Dollier said...

Happy Birthday Katie and Happy Easter! Hope you get all kind of goodies today.

My birthday is October 12th.

South Louisiana

Traci said...

Happy Birthday Katie!
I will be in DC this week, also! For a field trip at the Smithsonian. Hope the weather is lovely for us both!
My birthday is June 24.
~ Traci

JenniferKy said...

Hi Katie!
My Birthday is July 8th 1969!
Isn't that a song?? LOL THe Summer of 69? hehehe
Well I turn the BIG 40 this year!
akkkkkk! LOL

mini hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday- and Happy Easter!!
What a great way to celebrate your birthday!
My birthday is New Years Eve- Dec.31st! Last day of the year....and in "the day" I always found people willing to help celebrate my BD!
Thanks! Patty Johnson

Linda said...

What a WONDERFUL and sweet idea to do on your Birthday!
My Birthday is July 22nd, 1948 (so you see, I am TWICE your age *already*!)
The BEST years are still ahead for you, kiddo!
Linda in California

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!

Thank you for giving us presents for your birthday. That is a treat.

My birthday is July 17. I just started graduate school full time. It is a scary place to be after not having been in school for .... a very long time.

Hope you have a wonderful 30th birthday and year.

Rosey Cotton said...

Happy Birthday to you! Niffty mini goodies give away. Those lovely pink and pastel fabrics would work perfect in Rosies Doll house ( under construction). Your blog is really cute as well.
Tammy Renee
Oh my B-day is comming up May 10th. I was born on Mothers Day. :-)

Pamn in Bethesda said...

Can't resist a giveaway! Happy B-day to u - what a nice idea! My b-day is coming up, too! April 27th!! Getting ready for Easter dinner just now! Waht a glorious day!! Thanks, Pamn in Bethesda

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!!! Hello my birthday is October 9th!!! Hope you had a great time in DC!!!!

traveler1017 said...

Hey Katie

Have a very special day. Mine is 10/17/73. Age is a number now weight is another story.


Samantha said...

Hi Katie,
My Birthday is May 30th.
Hope you had a great day!

Sans said...

Dearest Katie, I just want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I too will have to pass on this one because I have yet to unpack the LOADS I got from Taiwan! SIGH! But this is such a great idea, to give rather to receive on birthdays :)!

Karin F. said...

Happy belated birthday!

Mine is...was....Apri 10th.

Teg said...

Happy Birthday! Mine's May 24th :D. I love the lil prize back you put together.

SenaMena said...

I hope you had a great Birthday!!! I have two friends and a grandmother that share your birthday with you.
My birthday is May 21, 1980.


The Mini - Maker said...

Hi!!!! Happy Birthday!

My birthday is May 27, 1985.

*crosses her fingers*

I'm a sucker for give-aways....

You have such cute items!

~Savannah :)

Chris P.'s Minis & more said...

Hi Katie!
wow how sweet of you to think of others on your Bday! 30 was kinda hard Bday for me too..leaving your 20's is knowing your going into mid life kinda. My bday is June 28 and I will be heading for the BIG 60th next year. have a great bday!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. What a great day to have it! Mine is November 6, which happens to fall on Election Day every now and again... at least it's something! :)

Corena :0) said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! I hope you have a fantastic one! My birthday is May 8th (sometimes it falls on Mother's Day) and I will be turning 36 this year. By the way, being in your 30's rocks! Have a great day! - Corena :0)

Sofia said...

It's better late than never, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!



Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Katie, I just showed Liberty all the stuff we've won. I told her it was from you and she said, "the girl who likes dragonflies?"!
Still can't believe I've won something and it's all so lovely!