Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A picture for Mercedes...

See, I told you those two little side tables would be perfect (just the way the were) in my Pink room. If you click on the picture, you can see all the little details. I have 2 pictures leaned up against the furniture to be hung behind those end tables. Then there's a shell shadow box at the foot of the bed that needs to be hung above the bed. I even found my Katie mug.....just need to figure out how to get some 'chocolate milk' in there...I welcome any suggestions please!!!! There's lots of flowers in here...I love flowers! Still need to find some little 'fillers' for here and there....but it's coming along.

You see this afternoon, I happened to look over at Katie's Corner (which is the house that has the pink room up top, and a shop down below)......and noticed that the dresser was upside down on my desk...Upon further inspection, it looked like the house had been hit by a hurricane...AKA Hurricane Otis....That's when I decided to rearrange things to fit in my end tables. Then I had to do a little rearranging in the shop........thinking to myself the hole time~ Damn Cat! Stay outta my House!! I swear he belly flopped right into it! So, after I cleaned up a little, I took a few pictures.....that's when I noticed I had a new tenant in the shop.....Now, if you think about scale here....That's One Big Spider, hahaha!!! Guess I have to relocate him if I ever expect to have any customers!!


Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for the pic! The tables look great, would you believe they are from the $2 shop!! A two pack for about $1.20 in your currency! LOL!! I told you they were cheap.
That room is just so pretty, i love the cat play thing in the corner.

MiniKat said...

Love the room! Very pretty. :-)

For hot chocolate: brown Gallery Glass. Drop some in, let it dry, repeat until the mug is as full as you like.

My ex taught the calico to sleep in my big dollhouse when she was a baby. She still tries now. :-/