Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog....

That is the question today. I have been seriously thinking that I want to start a second blog. I want somewhere to discuss my journey. I need somewhere to vent.....And a place to celebrate!! Just not sure I want the world to know really goes on in this head of mine.... I don't want to use this blog to do both, Katie's Corner is my Happy Place. My corner of the world where I fit in. This blog has helped me to realize where I want to go with my 'craft'....It feels good inside to know what direction you want to head in......

I do want to share one of my accomplishments with ya though!! It was one year ago today that I had my Last surgery!!! I've made it a whole year without being cut open!!!! ~ Woo-who!! OK, ok.....even though I was asleep for my colonoscopy (LOL...spell check says this word is spelled wrong and gives kaleidoscope as a suggestion...Now that's freakin funny!!!) Ok....So, it doesn't count as having to have surgery. And we won't mention that surgery Has been We'll just celebrate the fact that 2003 was the last time I made it a year without any's the short version...LMAO!

04-12-1979 My Birthday
01-31-1980 Heart Catherization
03-23-1992 1st sinus surgery
12-10-1995 Birth of son
06-27-1997 Birth of daughter
10-30-1998 Birth of son

10-31-1998 Tubal Ligation
04-20-1999 Sinus surgery
09-17-1999 Sinus Surgery
03-19-2002 Cystoscopy
05-03-2002 Laparoscopic/ LEEP
01-21-2004 Removal of right Ovary
04-19-2004 Cystoscopy
04-08-2005 Laparoscopic total hysterectomy
08-31-2005 Laparoscopy, Colpotomy: Removal of abscess in abdomen
01-13-2006 Oral Surgery- removal of a wisdom tooth
02-06-2006 Cystoscopy
06-16-2006 Electrophysiology study, Radio Frequency Ablation
01-02-2007 Electrophysiology study, Radio Frequency Ablation
11-07-2007 Electrophysiology study, Radio Frequency Ablation
04-16-2008 Breast surgery~ removal of lump

~BTW....My last surgery they went in to get a cyst?? and came out with a benign tumor (a benign pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia...What ever the hell that means??) ..... and I still have the cyst, lol. Lucky Me!

LOL.......See, I've come a Long way and some days I just feel so proud of myself for hanging in there....I know it might sound stupid, but For Real, For Real.........I'm proud of me!! It has been a very long journey, and I am no where close to being done....but I do feel a little closer to 'home'. It helps that I have managed to find some of the best doctors around to help me out....Oh, and lots, and lots of online research along the way.

In case your really bored one night and want to hear the 'first' part of the story...You can find it here:
.......Just scroll down a little ....I'll warn you now's long!!

But, that's where this "Pity Party' ends....And the "Let's Make Lemonade" will begin.......(Hopefully this title isn't taken yet....I always tease with my docs about how I got a lemon, and that I'm still trying to figure out how to make some lemonade with it.....

**I will be back here later with some eye-candy, I promise!! Until then....Happy Reading, lol


Sans said...

YOU GO GIRL! By the way, colonoscopy is the right spelling cos my dad went through that and mine is overdue. I say start a blog, start 12 like Sumaiya if you feel like it :D! More pics for you are up!

Debbie said...

Go for it Kate, get yourself another blog..

De said...

Oh wow, Katie. As I was reading through your list of procedures I was thinking that some of those sound familiar. My oldest child (21 year old daughter) and youngest (16 year old son) both have dysautonomia - Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTS. They haven't had those procedures but I recognized them from my research. My middle child,a daughter, has lupus. I understand the struggles you've had and I'm proud of you too!

MiniKat said...

Lemme know when/if you get the second blog up.

rosanna said...

OMG, it seems quite a busy life! I'm lucky I've never gone under surgery, a part from Matteo's birth which was natural anyway. But yours looks like a war bulletin. I suppose that we should all have a second place: the agony corner as a friend of mine calls it, just to be free to moan and weep and cry without being shamefull. It should be the place to do that and noone would ever discuss its existence.
As for lemons... lemonade can be very good, I've learned to do it some time ago and from then on I became a patological optimistic! that's what I call myself. Hugs and thank you again for you kindness

Eva said...

Well, really a lot of surgeries...I have "only" three in my curriculum :-)
Just to say, that you seem a very nice and strong woman and I love your sense of humor.
And you are right, everything is good to celebrate or needs a celebration.
Lige is tough but beautiful.
A huge hug!

Tallulah~Belle said...

Oh dear katie...what a lot to go through ((((())))) Here's wishing you many more healthy years with no surgeries.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie - when I started blogging it was to talk about my hobby and since then I found found that most of the followers are like friends. With friends, you can be down sometimes and they will sympathise with you and rejoice with you when you are up. No one can be sunshine and roses every day. You have good reason to be proud as you have been through a lot. Congratulations on the full year!!! and may many more uneventful years follow.

Debbie said...

Katie I emailed you earlier can you check your spam folder and see if I've ended up in there.. LOL..

Liberty Biberty said...

Y'know Katie, you're an absolute inspiration - to have all that thrown at you and still be LYAO!
You're amazing!

Caseymini said...

Katie, I wish you well. That is a lot to go through for ten people, let alone just one! Do start a second blog. We will all read it.

De said...

Katie, I'd love to share suggestions and tips for dealing with this very frustrating disorder. Both of my children are really struggling recently. Megan is in college and getting some of her professors to honor the disability plan and truly understand is difficult. Adam has only been at school 26 days or so this entire year so we've done a lot of stuff at home - not easy with massive brain fog! I do understand what you're going through!