Sunday, April 19, 2009

From wrapping paper to Calendars

I've been waiting all day for the power to come back on so I could show you what I did last night. First I will start with the patterns I use. I just drew them out on some graph paper....and they've held up really well. The one at the top comes out to be about an inch and a 1/2 by an inch and a 1/2....and the sides expand to about 3/4 inch. I say 'about' because sometimes I will extend the top of the bag to make it a little taller.

Last night I made a special BIG one to wrap this picture in.....Just gives you an idea of how to make a pattern yourself. They're really simple!

Then last night, when I ran out of wrapping paper............I remember all those calendars I have stashed away for a rainy day. I buy them after the first of the year when they're on clearance....I just love the pictures in some of them.....The small images on the back make great pictures for framing. And this is what can be done with the images inside the calendar. See I can get 3 pretty bags of this one page......

And lots of pretty bags from one calendar!!! Sorry the picture is a little blurry.......I was in a hurry......I still have to finish them, some need grommets....and they need handles. Just a peek of what's to come......


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Forgot to share some other ideas of where to get some good 'paper'!

*Greeting Cards
*Pictures of kids~ printed onto cardstock!
*Cover off an old book~ have one that ripped in half a long time ago, and I kept it because I thought it was 'pretty'*And don't forget the many.....Many different scrapbooking papers that are out there!

A. Wright said...

These are adorable, and by "these" I mean all the bags you've posted the last couple of days.

I can't pick a favorite.

Debbie said...

Thanks so much for sharing the Pattern Katie. Your Little Bags look brilliant. I'll Have to have a go at these..
Mini Hugs

Liberty Biberty said...

A pattern to trace around!! Yippeee!! What a great idea! I always sit there with a ruler trying to get everything right - I think I'm a bit brain dead these days. LOL! (I blame the school holidays)

moti said...

Hi, what a great idea!!!!, thank you for sharing!!!!