Thursday, April 16, 2009

See my Dragonfly???

When we got back from DC....I had 2 packages awaiting my arrival. First was a box from Mercedes, her and Liberty sent me the coolest dragonfly stuff! And Miss Liberty even made me a Birthday Card!! Look it even has a dragonfly inside that pops up when you open it!!

They sent me 2 beautiful Christmas ornaments, A dragonfly magnet that I've had to hide on the side of the fridge to keep it from coming up missing....And a beautiful dragonfly book, with what looks like natural paper inside. (LOL... I guess it's all natural paper when you look at it, I mean to say the paper has that handmade look to it! Thank-you Mercedes and Liberty!!

There was also a package from Kathleen (Minikat)!! She sent Cora a pineapple, and the tiniest dragon I have ever seen. The bf has claimed the dragon to go in his man's room. We shall see who ends up with it?!

She also sent a sample of a real life pineapple border, and the more I look at it, the more I want to shrink it and use it as a border in Cora's kitchen. There were also cake dollies in the box, something I desperately needed!!

But I have to admit that these are my favorites. The bunny growth chart will go in Cora's nursery.......I still can't believe she sent these to me....they're amazing. And equally as exciting is the one with the little rose buds. That's going in Katie's Corner........Both are Perfect!!! Thanks again Kathleen....I can't wait to hang them up!

I also thought that while I was here....I'd show you what my Mom got me....She's been buying dolls for me ever since I was little, but this one has got to be one the cutest!! And she's even named Katrina!!! (That's my full name in case you didn't know, Katrina...My friends call me Kate and I used Katie for the blog...cause I thought it sounded the friendliest?? LOL) Anyways.....the doll is just too cute. She even comes with a story that says something about her Outback Adventure. My Mom thought it was perfect seeing as I've been talking about this Mercedes person all the time., my Grandmother used to have a pen-pal in NZ, and was excited to hear that I was talking to someone there, too.

Isn't she pretty....I love her pink sweater!!

She also got me some attachments for my Dremel....New toys to play with!!! Fun! Fun!!

And the last thing is my new carrying case....Don't you just love the material???? It's so bright and sooooo pretty....

And inside is all these little compartments that I can keep my jewelry in.....LOL, I currently carry around my bracelets in a large zip-lock bag, This is sooooo much better!!! Good looking out Mom!!

And while my Step Dad was recently in London, he too picked up some cool things for me......Look a Double Decker bus and a phone booth....

....and some toy soldiers...He even brought me home some British Candy, Flake bars, Lion bars....a double decker something....I'm a sucker for all British candy....Kinder eggs being one of my Favorite!

OK, now I feel a little better....I'm getting that much closer to being caught up......Finally!!!

Until next time.......


Tallulah~Belle said...

You lucky girl...all those fab gifts.

Bet you only like Kinder eggs cause of the minis inside huh :-)

A. Wright said...

Oh my gosh, there so much fun birthday stuff here. I'm very happy to see you had such a great day :)

Also I'm pretty sure I'll have to steal your Mom. I Love the kitty case!

Sans said...

That's real sweet of Mercedes and Liberty! Your Kitty case? I love it too! :D. What a glorious 30 you have just enjoyed. All that love!

MiniKat said...

Ahem. That dragon was painted exactly to match for the shelves in Cora's sitting room. If your bf wants one, he can ask for one in a color scheme he chooses. ;-)

I can make another. But he has to be nice. ;-)

Debbie said...

Wonderful Gifts Katie. Such a cute card from Liberty and fabulous Dragonflies.
Love the Height Chart and dinky Dragon from MiniKat.
Oh and the Dremel bits from your mum. Your going to have fun with those. I bet you've eaten all the chocolate..

Liberty Biberty said...

Well, you got some lovely birthday goodies didn't you! I think your mom should give my mum some birthday shopping tips!
Liberty loves Kinder Surprise eggs too, but if she gets a crap toy (like a boys toy) you don't wanna be around!! LOL!

Caseymini said...

Katie, make the birthday last as long as you can. Love all the gifts that you got. I have the very same callbox ane the kilted piper too from when I was over there. Oh! New Dremel bits! Be still my heart!

Chris V. said...

Hey cool stuff! Funny isn't it that we're like kids and get excited over the toys we get. haa! Those eggs are fun, if they have something good inside. ha!

Ana Anselmo said...

wow! everything is beautiful!!! so many little things