Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a Beautiful Day for a Picnic!

Woke up this morning.....the sun was shinning......and my little friends were dying to go outside......and have a picnic! Cora and I helped them out a little setting the table......and decorating the 'garden'. I made a stop at Katie's Corner and grabbed a few veggies.......and Cora grabbed a couple loafs of bread outta her house. And the fairies sprinkled every thing with weeds, Um, I mean Flowers!

They even had a guest, But she was in no mood to sit still for a picture!

You see, Here they are when they first started to step up......See how boring it all looked!?


Liberty Biberty said...

A little bit of sunshine makes a big difference to a day doesn't it!
Glad to see you girls are having some fun!

MiniKat said...

Have I ever taken a picture of all my critter people like yours?

Are you missing any of the brown bears or beavers?

Sans said...

Katie, your pictures look great! Not boring at all. Your pets look like that they are having a secret picnic! How fun.

A. Wright said...

This is too cute :) They look very eager to munch the mushrooms you made.

This got me looking at Ebay listings for these guys, there's quite a long listing out there!