Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Please excuse the mess....

MiniKat asked what the rooms in Cora's house looked like....and I hadn't realized I hadn't posted any pictures since last summer......So Here's the tour.'s the Victoria's Farmhouse house by Real Good Toys. *Beware....I'm a horrible maid! First we have the room next to the kitchen on the first floor. The front part will be a dining room~ Still have to buy a lot for this room~ Just haven't found the right stuff yet. I have lots of crown molding to glue in, most of it is cut, laying on the floor.......And there's one of my paintings to go on the wall. Past that, we have the living room....

I recovered the was pink, then I painted it black to go in her last house.....And now it's brown with gold paisleys!! The end table is a faucet knob...with a gold wood disk on it. I have brown suede curtains in go in the front bay...and want 2 white armchairs with a little table to go in between. She's definitely going to want a TV, so the couch will probably get moved. The floor is those sticky tiles you get from the home improvement store...actually almost all of the floors in the house are those kind of tiles! They're so easy to install, I can't help myself! (The floor in the dining room is also from this same pattern, just cut into one inch blocks and stuck down......Just to add a little more interest.)

On the second floor, to the the daughter's room. Looking at it, it looks like a typical teenager's shattered every where...BIG Speakers at the end of her bed, with guitars on top. Lots of purses!! I made the bed in the room, it was a kit that I prettied up! This is the only carpeted room in the house....and it's white?! a teens room???

The parents bedroom is on the right of the middle floor.....behind the bathroom and the sitting room. I love this yellow room! I bashed that same bed kit as in the daughter's bedroom.....and aged it with crackle paint. On the dresser is a picture I took at Jackson's Mill......where my kids go to Asthma camp every year. Oh....guess what the floor is?? Yup! More sticky tiles......I found some that looked like wood...and it looks so good! ((*That's 'me and my sis' sitting on the bed, chit-chatting! We were in the living room, but then that Otis came in and ate off part of sis' ear~ so, here we are in the master bedroom, where we are safe from Godzilla Kitty~ LOL ))

Then we move up to the very top floor. On the left is the 'craft room'.....mainly sewing supplies so far. In the front right corner you can see a cat house I made by covering a toilet paper roll with scrap book paper. This will go in the living room, but if you look closely at it, you will see that Otis has sunk his teeth into it, so now I gotta do a little touching up.
~I call this room the catch all catches everything that doesn't belong anywhere else!

And last but not least we have the nursery. Cora couldn't make up her mind on whether she wanted a boy's room or a girl's room......So we choose green. I really need to get in here and put everything back in it's place...And move some things out. I see Cora thinks the baby wants a Big Orange TV in here???

There's still lots to do....My daughter got this house for her birthday last I'd say I'm making good progress......Just have to stay focused...Which is getting really hard to do!! :)


Sunny Sunflower Miniatures said...

So many nice little goodies! It looks like some dolls are in the process of moving in already.

MiniKat said...

This is really cute! I have those same animals hanging out in my craft room. Love them to pieces. :-)

What colors are going in the dining room? Or has she chosen them yet?

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Minikat....I think she's just going with neutral tones against white. Oh...and gold. (LOL..I hate gold, she loves it!) We have our eye on a dark wood table....with dark chairs with white seats...From there, I dunno>> lol!

And the 'dolls' are mine, She wants real dolls, which makes me a little sad, I had hoped she'd love my animals as much as I do...but that's OK....They can live in my house and visit hers!

Debbie said...

Looking forward to seeing it all finished Katie..

Liberty Biberty said...

What a cute house! It's nice that you're letting Cora have the things she likes in it, as a mum I know that's really hard! LOL!!

Mary said...

Katie, this is going to look fabulous when it's all done. Those sticky tiles look great. I'm thinking of using them as well. The cat house from toilet roll looks great too...Godzilla kitty...LOL
Happy Easter,