Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is it just me?

Ok.... So there's a few things that have happened in the past few days.... and I thought I'd take a minute to vent/complain.... ect, ect.

We will start with last night. I am super noise sensitive... I don't mean to be... I just am! It actual makes me mental. I really do try and work with it... but sometimes there's just no way around it. So last night after dealing with what sounded like fiesta music for over an hour... I went outside to investigate. I thought it was the kids across the street, but just wasn't sure. Until I heard an announcer speaking. So I got in my car..... and went to see what was going on. Ok.... So I live in the trailer park. In front of me there is a street, then another row of trailers... then there's the main road. On the other side of that is a field where an office complex used to be.... then there's another neighborhood- And that is where the music was coming from. Now I know I'm a total buzz kill..... But I can only take so much.... So I made a phone call, and 20 minutes later... the music stopped. phew! My heart for some reason thinks it has to keep up with the beats, and it really, really sucks!

Ok... so then there's the issue of what Adults have said to kids lately that I just don't understand. My son has a friend who has been joy-riding in his parents car and got caught. So when the police were there talking to him and his Mom.... the cop said that this was normal for boys his age to do this? What?? First off.... I never in a million years would of ever taken my parents car without the permission. Not to say that I didn't get in my fair share of trouble. But, why, why... would you tell a kid it is normal to steal your parents car?? What sense does that make? You just don't tell a kid that! Especially a 15 year old boy.

Then last week was the last week for the kids and school. My oldest is in high school, and the last week is exam week. I really really have a problem with what the school system doesn't teach our kids.... I don't think kids should be watching the twilight zone in English.... Instead why don't they spend that time teaching our kids how to write. My son is in the 10 grade and I have yet to see him have to write a paper or essay.... I won't even tell you how much in annoys me when the kids pick up a calculator to do simple math.... And it's the schools that have taught them to do this..... But going back to what I was saying........ According to the school, if the kids are 'doing well', they have the option to opt out of exams.... If there parents agree..... And well, I never have. Live is hard.... and school is suppose to teach you this. It teaches you how to push through and solve problems. I think exams are important. But what I really had a problem with is that one of my son's teachers told the kids to get their parents to sign the exempt form, because He didn't feel like coming to school. ??? Yes... The teacher said he didn't want to come to school. Now how am I suppose to keep my kids interested in school, if the teachers are telling them they don't want to be there either. So my son went to his exam.... and when he was done... the teacher told him he could go home. So about 10 am, my son comes walking through the door, and after I heard what he had to say..... I called the school. They let my son walk home?? We don't even live within walking distance. Now, yes..... he's 15 and capable of walking home.... But! He's still a kid... and the school should of never told him he could just leave! What if something happened- What if he got hit by a car crossing the main road? What if he got kidnapped? I've meet the bogeyman- I know he exists! And it makes me that much more protective over my kids. You know.... Rules are made for a reason- and when my son is suppose to be in school, he should be in school.... Not out roaming through the neighborhoods. The receptionist at his school told me I was not the first Mom to call about this, and she apologized to me. I told her I was lucky to have a good kid that came straight home!

My last gripe for the day is the day. It's Father's day..... something I try really hard to avoid! My biological father and I have not spoke in 6? years and I think it's SAD!! I can't go into the details, because. But I can tell you I miss him! My kids miss him. And it's not that I want anything from him... I just want to talk to him, and only him. I can't handle stress so I had to make a Big decision years ago, and from that decision..... I lost my Dad. It makes me Mad.... it makes me sad! And then there's Day's like today.... where everything you see reminds you of this loss. It just hurts. The last time I saw him was when my insides fell out and I had a tube coming out of me that was connected to a balloon in my abdomen that was used to hold my bowels in... Then I went through 3 back to back heart surgeries... and still he never called. And I know he knew because people in my family talk to each other. I try really really hard to just let it go... But It really hurts to know that he doesn't call because he doesn't want to. And don't think I haven't done my fair share trying... I have. I just can't take being rejected any more. So.... Dad.... if your out there- You suck! I love you... But you really really suck!

-If you're still reading this, Thank-you! I promise to have happier posts soon!

Until Next Time......


Judith said...

Katie, I have to agree with so many of the things that you say ... and it's OK to rant and to vent sometimes. In fact I think it's important that you do because sometimes life really sucks. Just remember that you have lots of friends who, even though some of us may have never met you, still care about you. Hang in there and the sun will shine on you again soon. Judith x

Caseymini said...

Katie, I agree with what you say. It's just too bad that more people don't pay attention to what is happening in schools.

As for your dad, I had one that was not fun to be around either. I guess that we don't have a choice in the parents department. All we can do is make sure that we don't grow up to repeat their mistakes.

Vent any time that you need to. Someone will be listening.

A. Wright said...

I have a very long reply to this. I'll just send you an email instead. No, it's not just you.

Caraloo said...

Hi Katie! I just love to read your blog and I have now read all the archives. Feel like I know you now so I figured it was time to introduce myself. I love to "monkey" around with mini making whenever ever I can make make things out of stuff I find for cheap! Keep up the awesome posts and thanks!!

Kim said...

vent away my friend! I also think that life is tough and school is meant to try to start to prepare you for that. I think that kids are babied a bit too much today and I think it's great you make you kids take the exams. I have my own reasons for hating Father's Day too- Casey is right- we can't pick our parents. Thankfully- I have a Mom that was a Mother and Father to me-so I was lucky. Sending you a hug girl♥

Jollie said...

Oh Katie my dear, I feel so sorry for you, I can truly understand what you are saying about the things that happened at your sons school is just to sad for words!
And Casey is right about parents and your father, I really feel with you that you are feeling so sad and mad about him... :(
I do hope that you are feeling better soon... again I agree with Casey, life sometimes really sucks!! :(

Big warm hugs

Lucille said...

Katie, I read your blog all the time. I can't remember if I ever commented. But, this time I must. I see your pain and I know where you are. I want to try to help you. Sometimes, in order to stop hurting, we need to accept people as they are and not have any expectations from them. This is what you need to do with your father. He is the way he is and you need to expect him to behave as he does because that is how he is. If you can do that, you will stop hurting. You will never be disappointed because you will have expected it. You will be prepared. I've been there. For me, the situation is reversed. It's my mother. The moment I stopped having any expectations regarding her conduct towards me, I stopped hurting. She cannot ever hurt me again because I always expect the worst from her. And, she always delivers or I should say delivered because she's out of my life. She can't ever hurt me again nor can anyone. Over the years, I have grown a pretty tough skin. And, so can you if you look at it as I'm suggesting you do. There's only so much pain a person can take in this life. Take care of yourself! You have enough on your plate. I need to add that I have forgiven my mother but sometimes we need to set boundaries in order to protect ourselves.

onbeingaminimum said...

Gosh Katie, I could have written lots of this! Schools and the education system....don't get me started!
What we are supposed to find acceptable about what is truly anti-social.....there is a whole list it seems. Well I don't know what is wrong with just saying 'No, that is not acceptable under any circumstances!'
Your dad does not sound as if he deserves you but most of all you definitely do not deserve him. Sometimes you have to accept that it is time to close certain doors, not lock them, just close them, quietly and walk away.
Take care honey.

Jackie said...

Katie - I felt so sad when I read your post about your Dad but agree with all the caring comments. As a parent you don't understand how he could turn his back on you but in the end he has been the loser and can't turn the clock back. Take care x

Sans! said...

Katie, we are here if you need to vent. Like Casey says, someone will be listening. And we did.

Christine said...

Teenage behaviour has really been under my nose recently as well. (Not my own two thankfully) I agree with Kim that kids are babied too much nowadays (our school playground now has a soft surface in case someone grazes a knee!) and I think that in rebellion too many go out looking for far bigger thrills than our ( generation did. Too many rights and too little responsibility. Off my soapbox now!

I'm sorry about your father. Some things just suck.