Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My day in a nutshell...

Started out my day with an easy doctor appt- Just my 6 month follow-up with my Primary care doc to 'catch him up' on what I haven't been doing:) This month is actually a little busy in the dr department... Nothing serious... Just my routine exams.

I was also able to take advantage of the weather and got the rest of my pictures taken. This is the custom order I'm working on right now. It's for a lady named Kim Hammond in Texas. She makes dollhouses and roomboxes for people and had asked me to help her with some birdhouses for a Garden Shop. When I asked her about colors, she told me she had some paint samples, and sent them to me. When I first saw them I had to laugh... there were so many.... So I put them into color groups and stapled them to a sheet of paper. It has been So helpful! And so inspiring:) This is what I sent her this afternoon...... (I'm almost done with everything... Just have to finish a little here and there.

Thought I'd show you so you could see my thought process sometimes.... Once I had this.... I took another sheet of paper and put dots of all the colors I had... then I was able to color match things better.

I was also able to get the rest of the birdhouses photographed. I will get those listed within the next few days. My sleep schedule is a little off right now... took a nap this afternoon... and didn't wake up till 1 AM. It is now 3:24 AM and I'm thinking I might need a another nap before the sun comes up? lol

Anyways... Here's on of the single houses I made. These white stickers are hard to photograph... the seem to wash out in the sun. So I put it in the shade and took a picture.

My bf earlier made a comment to me about how old they look. And that's exactly what I was going for:) Takes a lot of sanding to make that brand new wood look like it's been around forever!

And while playing around this week, I made this. I used a fence post, turned upside down... and then added a doorknob.... Now I'm thinking I might of put the door knob on upside down- lol... But I like it better like this. I only made one of these; I gotta get more doorknobs before I can make more.

I spent some time out front hanging out with the kitties..... and we watched this little guy crawl over our tree stump.... (It's that white thing?!)

Love that micro function on the camera.... makes it look like he's crawling through a forest and in reality it's just a moss covered tree stump:)

Freddy made it outside earlier this week, and I have not even been able to get close to him, until today. I guess he finally remembered he was a pet and not some feral kitty anymore and spent quite a bit of time rubbing all over me. However.... both me and the bf agree..... he has a different look in his eyes now- wonder if he meet a girl kitty on his little expedition?

Even Boogs visited. Boogs loves being outside.... but he's not to fond of his brother. Fred is bossy and Boogs is really really docile. And I think Fred bullies him because of this.

Needless to say... It's been a very productive, uneventful day. :)

Oh..... remember I told you my sister sent me a laptop:) I was a complete dumb ass and forgot to put the cord away one night... and guess who ate it? Yup! That Otis..... Ask me if I wanted to strangle him!!! Cost me sixty something dollars to get a new one! That Damn Cat!! -But now that I have the laptop back, I can start surfing blog world again:) Now if I could only get google to let me comment Everytime. ((It's really annoying when you type a long comment.... and then it won't let you post it!))

Well.... it's now 4:13 and I think I might of just got my second wind..... man!

Until Next Time!


malu2 said...

Gracías por contar un poquito de ti,las casitas de nidos son preciosas, tus gatitos preciosos, yo tambien tengo dos gatas, me encantan.Besos desde España.

Mary said...

You chose a very nice mix of colors from all of those samples. Your kitties are so cute, I bet they’re very entertaining. I’ve had the some problem with commenting and blogger, I’m trying to make a habit of making a draft in a word document, so that I don’t have to keep typing over.

Kim said...

oh that Otis- good thing you are his Momma- you are so patient with him ♥ I love that page of paint chips- actually seems like a really good idea for any project! What the heck kind of bug is that little white guy?? Have a good week Katie :)

Plushpussycat said...

I love your birdhouse with the doorknob! I want one!

Unknown said...

Great birdhouses. I'm sure your customer will be very satisfied.

Lataina said...

I love the doorknob birdhouse! =)

Jollie said...

What a cute kitties ;)

And I am SO in LOVE with the birdhouse with that doorknob!! AMAZING!!! :)
All the other ones are very beautiful too, but that one is really something, nice work Katie! :)

Hugs Jollie
p.s. good luck with the dr. appointments...

Jackie said...

Gosh Katie your life is never dull!! I love the blue and green colours and the herb signs,Jackie x

Minteriors said...

How clever of you! My goodness, much thought went into your little birdhouses, and it would appear as if it was worth the effort. Very pretty colors. The "old" look is most realistic. I agree with you, the upside-down door knob is more artistic. Way to go girl. Nice.

Lucille said...

That birdhouse with the door knob is a winner!

Sans! said...

Old is the best , most of the time :). I love the house with the fence post!