Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Cora!

I can't believe it's been 14 years since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter!!
(This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago for her 8th grade dance)
Omg... I've already got tears Over the years we have spent a Lot of time in and out of the hospital.... She has asthma and my shitty body.... not a good combo! But I am a tough Mom and have pushed her through all the crap.... and She's a survivor, just like her Mom. And I couldn't be any prouder of her! She's an honor student in an advance program... she's involved in the school's SCA.... and this year she'll be going to camp as a camp counselor! I am so glad she's not anything like I was at that age- I was a mess! (to say the least!)

I love you Cora!

This year we did things a little different! When I asked her what kind of birthday cake she wanted.... She told me she wanted to make her own...... And so she did! Of course I had no candles... so we had to substitute with one of my miniature candles, lol. Poor thing- I had her blow this candle out 4 times before I finally got a picture I liked.

I was also able to get some signs finished today.... I had made a bunch before.... sprayed them with a sealer and for some reason everything ran..... So I bought a different sealer, and this one did the job. Of course I made myself one of these- and one for the store:)

I thought the vineyards sign was neat with the blackberries?!

And then there's Mini T. He was an inside kitty, that never let us to get close to him.... And then he started spraying, so he went back out. He still won't let me touch him... but he follows me around the yard yelling at me! I sure wish I knew what he was saying! lol

.... OK.... Lesson learned.... Can't eat dinner while blogging! Cause the cats will steal my pizza and I'm left with crumbs! Nice! Not like they just ate dinner or anything!

....My back is still hurting, and I've been trying to ween myself off the pain meds... I seem to think I'm super woman when I take them, and washed half the trailer this weekend..... so that may be why I'm still sore, lol. As for the kidney stones, they're not bothering me, so that's nice! And I still haven't heard back from the doctor yet... I will give him a few more days and then I'll call to remind the nurse again to get him to look at the CT report. I know he's a busy guy... but I think I just need to hear him say everything's ok and that he understands. I will say it has been nice being pain free this past week!

Well, alrighty then..... I'm off to Etsy to get some of these signs listed:)
Until next Time!


Rosamargarita said...

Que señorita tan guapa es Cora!
Muchos abrazos

A. Wright said...

Happy Birthday Cora.

(Wow Katie she's so beautiful and smart too! Good job Mama)

Caseymini said...

Happy Birthday Cora!!!Also congrats on making it through the 8th grade. It sounds like you are ahead of the game with your accomplishments. Katie, you should be very proud!

Lataina said...

Katie, your Cora is so pretty! Happy birthday to her!!! =)

Maria Ireland said...

Happy Birthday Cora. She is beautiful. Sigh dont they grow up so fast. :) Glad to hear you are a little better. Hugs Maria

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Cora!!!!! I agree with everyone else- such a beautiful daughter and brains too- watch out world :) Love the new signs Katie. I have a cat like Mini T. We finally had him fixed and then just went ahead and let him live outside. He still lives out there-even has his own house he prefers to sleep in instead of coming indoors. Mini T sure is a beauty :)

Sans! said...

Hippy birdday Cora!

cockerina said...

Cora is a beautiful nice girl!! My son Richard is 14 years old made ​​in November
He is very cute and friendly, funny and very nice guy! .... and he does not have a girlfriend!!
you say that they can get to know? ha ha!
pity that we are too far away... :)))
Happy Birthday, Cora, hope one thousand days happy, healthy and fun!
xxx Caterina

Lucille said...

You have a lovely daughter, Katie! Happy Birthday, Cora. I hope you have a wonderful summer at camp.

Debbie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cora...
Katie you must be as proud as punch, Cora has grown into a beautiful Young Lady. xxxx

Love how you've dressed your dresser as well and the signs are

Ana Anselmo said...

May be I am late, but still on time to wish all the best to Cora!!! and congratulations to her mum, Katie your daughter is beautiful!
Love from Lisbon
PS: I am ging to paint the attic where is my workroom, but is is so, so hot up there...