Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Picture Time...

Thought I'd take the time to share some pictures with you....
First is a surprise gift send to me by Sonya! I am so happy to have these.... Now I just have to paint them and stop worrying about 'what if I mess them up'... Do you do that.... put stuff off because your afraid you might do something terrible to it?? I do.... I do know I want them all white to go in my cabinet.... But I'm thinking I might have to try an idea out with them, too.... It's top on my list of thins to do for myself:) Thank-you again Sonya for the beautiful minis you have sent me.

Next is a birdhouse that I thought I was going to love. I found these really cute cupcake stickers at Toys-R-Us.... but they just don't show up on the birdhouses like I want them to. I've tried painting different colors, and the white seems to work best.... Maybe if I keep looking I can find better stickers:) This birdhouse is not even close to be finished.... I have to sand out that hole.. add a roof... and age it... Then we will see if I feel like it's 'sellable'.

Then there's the item's I've recently ordered to start a new project. As soon as I saw this I thought of a garden fountain... I plan on making a mold of this... and then use the cast to make some wall fountains... But we will see.... I sure do have a lot of Stuff on my 'to try' list!

These I swear were meant to be mine. I stalk Etsy for certain items that I can re-purpose and use in my miniatures. And I have been trying to find a bust for some time. So when these game pieces popped up, I couldn't help myself. I want to do some white... and some stone... And there's that blue one- I was using this color for something else and didn't want to throw away the extra paint I had.... so one got painted.

And last but not least... I wanted to show you what I have to put up with. This is me.... trying to get some 'work' done on the laptop. That is Otis.... Who doesn't care what I'm doing. He looks small in the picture- but he's not. I can barely see over or around him... and his butt will rest on the keyboard and type a conversation all on it's own. I have to fight him to get him to get down... and then he tries so hard to come back! Some times it's just easier to let him sit there!

You can't tell from me yacking away.... but I'm dizzy! Now I'm normally dizzy due to the change in my blood pressure when I move, but this is crazy. And I am so over it. Now that I've said it out loud, maybe it will just go away! I don't like feeling like I'm on a boat! Needless to say... I haven't got much done. I did re-organize my Etsy page... I now have shop sections:) But that's about it. Just been laying here waiting for the room to stop spinning. And thinking about all the things I could be doing....... *sigh*

until next time....


Caseymini said...

I have a neck ornament just like yours, Katie. The only difference is mine is named Mookie and he's gray instead of orange.LOL

Cool statues!

Flor said...

Jejeje ¡Que lindo es tu gato!! Y por lo que platicas muy consentido y con ganas de entrar al mundo de la computación ( =
Espero te sientas mejor!!

Lataina said...

Yes, yes, yes.....paint the ceramics Sonya sent you. I can't wait to see what you do with it!!!!! That last pic is so funny. My dog does the same to me. He has absolutely no idea about personal space, but unlike your problem, I can work around mine. He's so tiny it really isn't a bother and I like to think he's just showing his love for momma.....lol. =)

by Sonya said...

Hi Katie,
I'm happy you like!I hope you can enjoy with them!
Your cat is lovely!
I have also a cartusian cat(all gray).