Thursday, September 11, 2008

The beginning of a cane

I only have one photo today. I decided to do a haunted house cane last night, I thought it would make for a neat bowl. Again I'm using Fimo-Soft: and I still don't like how the colors mix. It takes forever to blend them together!! I ran out of orange, so, today, I had to run to Michael's and pick a block up...I normally only buy clay when it's on sale. I just stock up, and wait for the muse to come around. Hopefully it goes on sale soon, my bucket looking a little empty!
You can see the drawing I started with on the right. I did several sketches before I came up with something I liked. The actual house is a really dark brown, with black outlines. I hope it comes out the way I'm envisioning it!! We shall see.......

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Ana Anselmo said...

Hi! Katie, I love your new cane, I wonder what you are ging to do next...Have a nice week-end.