Friday, September 19, 2008

My unproductive week...

Due to a sick kid, I haven't got a thing done this week! Terrible!! But I didn't want my 'fans' to worry, so I thought I better stop by and say hello!
Need some scrapbook paper? Go ahead, you can use it! This is what happens when I get my hands on markers......lots of squiggly things!!

And I haven't forgotten about Cora's house......I'm just taking a break. I could blame it on the carpenter....he still hasn't put in the crown molding~ I'll have to try and sweet talk him again this weekend!

I've never understood how cats can sleep anywhere!! As you can see, Otis fell asleep chewing on a chair leg.......good thing I have to replace those legs, or Otis would add his own aging technique~ bite marks!!

Oh! You noticed the mess?? That the corner of my craft table...can't show you the whole thing~ or I'd be getting sued for giving one of ya'll a heart attack! Yeah! It's that bad!! LOL.....maybe I'll clean today? Maybe?

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Ana Anselmo said...

I hope your child gets better very quickly
A mini hug from Portugal to all your family