Saturday, September 20, 2008

Halloween donuts! Yum!

After making all those bowls, I figured I better make something to go in them.......... So I made Halloween Donuts! Yum!!

I need to make the regular ones a little darker, they need to be more golden, in this picture...they almost blind ya! But, I'm really excited with how the chocolate donuts turned out! They have chocolate icing with sprinkles!! Now, how much fun is that??
The icing is liquid polymer clay, mixed with Sculpy III. I've tried to use acrylic paint before to color the liquid clay, and although it does work, I find it looks so much better to mix the liquid clay with the regular polymer clay!! Just look at how rich that chocolate icing is! (I did add a little bit of black clay to the icing to make it a little darker than the donut.) I made the sprinkles by first rolling out TINY snakes of clay and baking them. You will need a lot of sprinkles to make it look so yummy! After the 'snakes' have cooled, I cut them into little pieces with my blade and 'sprinkled' them onto the donuts before I cooked it.

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Ana Anselmo said...

I loved your donuts, bur you are right, the regular ones need to be darker.