Monday, September 15, 2008

Halloween dishes

Thought I better come in and say hello, before someone thinks I've run away! I hope all of you had a creative weekend! I managed to get some Haunted House dishes made. The funny thing is I used the same circle cookie cutter to cut out all of these, and yet only had 2 sets that were the same size in the end??? ( Those 2 sets are on the left) LOL....back to the drawing board I go!!
This next picture is of a Praying Mantis that lives in our yard....poor fella has a drop of water on his head, he got caught under the bushes while we were watering the flowers.....

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Ana Anselmo said...

hi! my week-end wasn´t very good, I was sneezing all sunday,so I couldn´t make any minis at all. Just some photos with my new digital camera. ..Now I am fine, but working, life isn´t fair :(
I like your dishes, when not try ones with tiny bats and orange background?