Thursday, September 25, 2008

PB and J

I love rainy days......there's nothing like sitting inside, watching it pour outside~ reminds me of Wales!

Today, I decided to try my hand at a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, out of polymer-clay of course. First I did my homework. You Tube has some good tutorial videos on how to make bread out of polymer clay. Then I visited and read some of her tutorials. I didn't like how my peanut butter was looking, I just couldn't seem to get the color then I goggled it and found this page: I finally figured got the color right and made this:
Then I needed some bread for a PB&J sandwich. I got a little carried away with the chalk, and chalked the slices of bread, would of worked~ if I had wanted toast, lol! Using some scraps, I made the cutting boards in the next few pictures as well. The jelly worked out pretty well.......I made a sandwich, and a piece of toast with jam.Then I made a piece of peanut butter toast....and took a mini bite out of it! I had a lot of peanut butter left over, so I cooked it on a piece of wax paper, and ended up with what will become peanut brittle. My son said it looks like baby poo, I have to say, I thought the same thing when I was making it, brought back lots of terrific memories, NOT! HahahahaNot to bad for my first day I'll be able to recreate one of those beautiful mini food scenes that the professions make!!

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