Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is she on her way yet???

Yeah, I'm still here! I'm just taking a little time to relax. Everything is starting to go back to normal around here, so hopefully my muse will come along and hit me in the head! I really need something to motivate me! I did take out some of my old polymer clay canes today. I have a whole box of them.....from that time when I couldn't get enough of making canes. Hahaha, I have a problem, when I enjoy making something, I make tons of it, then stash it away. One day, some one is going to come along and make me drag it all out and sell it. Until then, I'll just keep hoarding it!

The first bowl was from a cane I made while playing with a clay extruder. I like how it looks with fruit in it!I love this next bowl. The colors are so bright!

My clay is slowly sneaking into the living room, that's the first sign that the muse is coming...she slides in quietly, then before I know it, the living room will be over taken by clay!


Ana Anselmo said...

wow!!! they are fantastic, very modern look. They would look great in a black table.

Ana Anselmo said...

I am glad you come back. :)