Monday, September 8, 2008

Not another bowl...

Stop! Don't throw those scraps away! Not even the ugly know what I'm talking about....all those ends from the canes you have hiding in your collection. Yeah, I do it too.....I'm a hoarder! LOL!! I have a whole container of scraps that I have been holding on to for years. The container is filled with canes that didn't turn out right, left overs from old canes and all all those little pieces that are left over after a project. I can't just throw them away....honestly I've tried....Well, this past week, I have been throwing these dried-up, ugly scraps into my mini food processor. See what happens? From this, I can make these......
These are the 'vessels' (haha) I made on Saturday. Yeah, I know there getting too big for miniatures......unless you want to use them for that would be neat!Here's an over shot of the 'collection' I'm working on.....Did I tell you that when I finally find something that I really like to make, I go a little over board with it........Hahahaa.....And these are the ones that I made on Sunday, here I'm starting to mix blends....see the one in the back left, I used 3 different kinds of scraps for this. And do you see the dark one right underneath of that..........that's one that I made using the scraps from the first picture.This next one turning out neat. I decided to try and put a slice of the cane I used in the middle of the bowl. Can you see the rose?
and Poor Otis was so bored watching me make all those bowls, that he fell asleep in my shoe~


Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Love your little bowls!! They would look great in the Wizard's Lair! I'll have to play more with my clay scraps! Thanks for stopping by!

Ana Anselmo said...

wow!!!!! how many bowls did you make? I see the rose, of course, it´s very nice.
This week-end I have been working on my music-room, but I have no photos (today I am going to buy a new digital camera, I hope).
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