Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meet the rest of the Gang

Thought I'd take a minute and tell you about the other 2 kitties that live here. Yeah.....I know.....Otis tends to steal the show!! We have a kitty named Pocus here, she'll be 9 this Halloween. We (the family and I) got her on my youngest son's first birthday. These little girls that lived in our neighborhood had found 2 kittens....and brought them to us, to see if we might want them. How in the world could I say no.....they were so small they both fit in the palm of my hand. So, they stayed....and we named them Hocus and Pocus. Hocus passed away when she was little, but Pocus is a very big part of our family! You can see both of them in the picture......they loved snuggling with the babies~ don't worry, I never left them alone! (That's Victoria in the picture, a baby I used to babysit...and yes her Momma knew the kitties would try and sneak in there, and that I was keeping a very close eye on them)
Pocus has gotten a little strange over the of her favorite past staring at us through the window. Pretty creepy!!And when she's inside......she's staring at the front door? I know she wants to go out.....but she'll sit and stare at the door ALL DAY LONG!! Otis thought he'd sit and try the whole staring thing one day....but didn't find it very interesting! He'd rather try and eat her, it's so much more fun!! Poor thing is always defending herself! And when Otis is tired.....he'll just lay down on her....and go to sleep. I guess you'd call it one of those love hate realionships!!
And then there's Jr Drew....or JD. I call him DD (short for Dirty D~ he always comes comes covered in dirt and cobwebs!!) I got him when he was a little thing and realized he had a white heart on his belly.
This cat has the key to my heart! He's our protector, better than any watch dog.....he even has been known to smack around the neighbor's dog! He's very timid with people, but will stand his ground to any critter that dares enter the yard. Last weekend he caught a snake...and then not a minute later, he had him a cicada, buzzing under his paw? Crazy kitty!! Oh, and my Man loves some catnip! This picture was taken right before he rolled off the counter! Bah hahahaOk, now I feel a little better........what kind of Mom only talks about 1 child??? Would you believe that I have just as many pictures of these cats as I do my kids?? That's terrible! But, I promise not to do that to you, I know your here for the art! So, please excuse my Motherly instincts, I won't torment you with any more cat pictures! about some art with cats? I found this and it's too funny not to share. I edited a trading card with pictures of my Fantastic Four! From left to right is Otis, Pocus, JD and Lucifer (Otis's Daddy..........which is another story for another day)

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Ana Anselmo said...

eh!eh!eh! I am still smiling!!!!!!!!!!! I loved all the pictures, and the postcard it's a must LOL