Friday, February 13, 2009

I've Waited 14 years for this!!!

When I was around 14 or so, I started a quilt. It started out rather small, more like a sampler.....and then it grew! I ended up with a almost a king sized quilt before I was done. The thing was, I had no clue how to back it. So, my Mom sent it to my Grandmother, who happens to be a quilter, and I waited.....and waited.......and waited! LOL, Don't worry, I'm not mad Grandma, but dang.....14 years is a long time. When we went to Ca. this summer, I totally forgot to look for it in Grandma's attic. My sneaky Mother didn't though, and was able to bring it home. She has recently started taking quilting classes, and is really fallin' in love with the craft! Anyways, so around Christmas, we went to Mom's to celebrate. She had been picking on me about what she had bought me for Christmas...Said, "I really didn't have a lot of money this year for a gift, so I hope you like it!" Personally I didn't care if the box was full of rocks, I was just happy to see the kids happy! However, when I opened the box.....I started crying. Then Mom started crying, then my kids started crying because Mom and I were crying....LMAO, what a sight we were!!! They thought Grandma had bought me a quilt at the Amish Quilt Auction we had gone to! LOL, I had to explain to them that it was my quilt, that I made a long time ago. My mother took it to her quilting class and had a lady stitch a LOT of dragonflies into it...BTW<>
Hehehe...I've been picking on my Mom that now that she knows how to make quilts, it would be really nice if she made one for her Grand-daughter's dollhouse......and she just laughs at me, and says, Yeah, sure! LOL....Aweee, come on Mom, you know you want to!!!!

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Debbie said...

Katie what a beautiful Quilt. How lovely that your Mum got it finished for you. What a wonderful surprise