Friday, February 27, 2009

I really, really, don't like this gluing stuff!

I started gluing in the sea shells last night. Ya know, this has got to be my least favorite things about miniatures....Trying to glue tiny little things in tiny little spots! Uggg! The 2 big shells aren't glued in yet....I'd rather have a little sea horse or something.....LOL, that will be my mission find 2 tiny sea horses! Oh, and I still need to fill in those empty shelves! More gluing? How much fun!

I got the sequins glued on the one bird house, although I still think it needs a little something extra. Thought you'd like to see what the cake platter ended up looking like......Also made the crate it's sitting in. Then, while I was digging through that junk last night, I cam across another chair. Looks like Grandpa started to assemble it, but gave up...... It told me it wants to be pink, too......but, with a different flower! Guess I'll have to visit the fabric store sometime? Oh darn......hehehe

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Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Katie!
I hardly ever glue things in, I just blu-tack them because for some reason I always think 'I might want to use that shelf for something else one day'! Lucky you finding another chair, have fun at the fabric store.