Thursday, February 26, 2009

While I had the pink paint out.....

I figured I'd make some more girlie accessories for Katie's Corner....First was 2 pink birdhouses. These were made using some scrap bosa wood....cut to size, glued, and then painted. The one on the left still needs a 'hole', although I plan on gluing on some sequins instead. One day I'll have to write a tutorial for these birdhouses, they're a pain in the butt, but not to hard to make! If that makes any sense?!? I also made a shadow box. I didn't use any pattern for this. I just simply cut out a house shape, and then cut the borders as I need them. I had no clue what I was going to put in it..... Until, I found my shells..........It's amazing what you can find when you actually look through all that stuff you've accumulated through out the years! :) See my tiny little dice?While I was digging though my 'junk' drawer ...(LOL, more like a treasuer drawer!!)....I also found this...
*2 Pink Doors
*One white metal head board.
*A round clear disk thing that could possibly be used as a table top.
*The wave piece was the top to my daughter'd first dollhouse...may it RIP :(
*Those tiles chips came from the home improvement store, they're samples for some kind of counter top....I thought they'd make an interesting cutting board....Just have to find something to put over the hole, maybe a bowl or something?
*And then there's the little scrapbooking frames....I figured I could cover those with material or paint, and make some beautiful picture frames or mirrors or.......BTW...This is the top floor of Katie's Corner...It's where I'd live if I was small enough:) Debbie had asked where I was going to put the little pink chair, and I think this is where it may end up. Looks like that space to the left of that cabinet might be a good spot. I'll have to finish everything and get it in the room and take pictures again. First I have to go glue all those little tiny shells into the shadow box....something I have been putting off all day!!!!


Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Katie!
Right now, just as your comment came through, I'm working on birdhouses. I've made 10 of them! I got a bit carried away. I've just pushed a pencil in to make the hole in the balsa wood. It works really well and the lead makes it dark so it looks 'realish'! I'll try and post pics of them tonight. If I can wrestle the computer off my son!
Keep up the good work! Oh, and I'll look into buying some polymer clay next week.

The Carolina Quilter said...

Love, love, love the little shadow box. I will have to try to make one for my garden shop/cottage and Joanna's house.

Thank you.


Mary said...

I love your shadow box too. The key looks like it's found a perfect spot.

Debbie said...

Katie its so exciting to find things you have forgotten. Sweet little Bird Houses and great shadow box.
Mini Hugs