Saturday, February 21, 2009

And what's even more fun to make than Strawberries???

.........Blueberries! Hahaha......OK ok......blueberries are no fun to make, but they sure do look perty on top of that tart, huh?I spent the day playing with the placement of the blueberries....and have come to the conclusion that less is more. Oh, and speaking of LESS IS MORE, the same goes for sprinkles! I had some left over frosting, so I tinted it pink, and added it to the top of some chocolate cupcakes. Then I got a little carried away with the 'sprinkles'!


Debbie said...

They look wonderful Katie, but as I love Strawberries, they have to be my favourite..

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Katie. Left you a link on my blog for the glass balls. If you manage to find tiny tiny glass balls or beads this is how people make caviar.
Just thought it would be of use to know seeing as you make food.

chris v said...

Hey your tarts are great! Gee, I wouldn't have thought of using those electric caps to make molds - and I've been doing this forever. Can teach an old dog new tricks. haaa! So I may try that... and try the trunk idea, and make some more mandrakes and... all blog ideas. Dangerous. ha!