Monday, February 23, 2009

Hope your ready for long one....

When I got online this afternoon to read every one's blog, I learned that I had a had an award from Casey.....

How Sweet is that! Thanks Casey! Made my day!!! Of course there's a chain here....I must list 5 addictions, and then pass this award onto 5 Fabulous blogs! Of course I think you All are fabulous....but I can only choose 5!

And the award goes to.........drum roll please...........

1. Chris from Thanks for filling my head with all kinds of crazy ideas!! ;)

2. Moe from Thanks for making me laugh so hard it hurts!! And boy does she have a hand for polymer clay!!!

3. The Mini Food Blog at WOW! What else can I say! There's so many beautiful miniatures displayed on that blog, I'm jealous. I want one of everything! OK, maybe 2!!

4. Debbie's page (Not that her other 2 blogs don't deserve it too!!!) This blog is the 'bible' to online miniatures! I spent so many hours in there the other night, I started seeing double...And I had barely made it to the D's!!! Crazy, I know!! Thanks Debbie for taking to time to organize all those links for us. And if you get a chance check out her other 2 blogs......, and and did I mention that she's part of the Mini Food Blog group, too!! Shees....that's one busy lady!

5. And last, but not least..... NuNu's Blog 2. I wish I could read what is written, but the pictures are to die for. It literally makes my jaw drop open...Go see the tomatoes and you'll see what I mean. So, NuNu, if you're out there....this award is for you 2!!!

Wow! That's hard...only picking 5! There's so many great blogs out there!

OK...and now on to my addictions........Miniatures- duh!, Polymer clay- double duh!!, LOL, Milk, yes I said milk! Can't get enough of it! Candy~ sweet-tarts, gobstoppers, gummy worms....still waiting for my teeth to fall out~ Hey, maybe that's why I drink so much milk, to counter-react all that sugar I eat!! And the last would have to be.....well I guess if you asked the family, they'd say my blog......and all of yours! I'm constantly going, "Hey, come look at this!" or "OMG...this is too cool, You gotta check it out!" I know I can see my boys rolling their eyes into the back of their heads, going 'Oh, No, not another picture!', but they indulge me! So thank-you to the family!!!

And to wrap things up...a picture for you. I went to lunch with a friend today, and happen to pop into Hungates for a minute to see if I could find anything of interest....and there they were. Lots of Calico Critters! I was so happy I actually jumped up and down like a little kid. I used to get these when I was a little girl, back when they were Maple Town People. I just had to buy one, and this little bunny spoke to me. I took her outta the box so you could see her better......She's so cute! Honestly, I really wanted that bottle and that walker for the nursery, and as a bonus, I got another baby bunny!! Yippie!!


Debbie said...

Thank you for the Award Katie. I've added the Picture over on the Mini Link Page..
Love your cute little Bunny..

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

On behalf of The Mini Food Blog, thank you for the award! :D

Chris V. said...

Cool! Thanks for the award Katie. I think your blog is fab too! See we all need to keep inspiring each other! Oh the bunny is cute!!!! I can see how easy it'd be to get hooked on those. So a baby bunny nursery is next???