Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I just can't come up with a catchy title today?!

What a loooooong weekend! I must say, after the whole thing with the shingles, I lost track of all things crafty. Don't worry, I did do a lot of thinking. I'm sure if you had been sitting next to me, you would of been able to see the smoke coming out! I found lots of ideas for the Star Wars Toy Store........those I'll save for another day. Even did a horrible little sketch of what I want the store to look like. I'm starting to get excited about that project....LOL, I guess that's how it goes.....You gotta have 10 projects going on at once to keep your attention.

Thought I'd show you a few things from Cora's house. I found an old faucet knob under the sink, good place for it, huh.....I thought it made a beautiful base for an end table! The top is a wooden disk that I painted gold.
Next is what used to be a tooth paste cap.....Makes a lovely gold trash can!
And this is where I'm at with the bathroom. I felt it was much too big, and the old layout made no sense. So I spilt the front part of the room into 2 areas. Right now I have a piece of foamboard in there, haven't decided if I want to use that or wood.

The little room to the left of the foamboard is going to be a sitting area. I put the cafe table and chairs in there....I've got a tea set stashed for the perfect place to sit and chat. Maybe I can add a bookshelf in the corner........Time will tell.

Ok...well I'm off to think some more.....LOL, I can hear my Mom saying now, "Try not to hurt yourself, dear!" Hahaha......


kimsminiatures said...

Looks wonderful. Sometimes the title drive me nuts too! and I'm really not sure they matter Lol Its the treat inside that does :o)
You have good uses for alot of things. I love it. Mini hugs!

Debbie said...

Its all looking lovely Katie..

The Carolina Quilter said...

Gives me some inspiration to actually get Joanna's dollhouse out of that darned box and get started building it before she has children of her own! Hey, the toothpaste cap does make a great gold wastebasket!

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