Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thistle Hunting in the German Valley

Among other things, painting has to be one of my favorite things to do. I remember watching Bob Ross as a teen, and have been fascinated with his art ever since. Who wouldn't want to live in one of his 'happy little' worlds, surrounded by great colors?!?! Well, recently, I have discovered his shows are playing on the create channel, and well, I can't get enough of him!! However....I'm doing it in miniature! This was my first attempt, not to bad, huh? This painting was a painting Bob Ross did recently.....Yes, I know they are reruns and that Bob has passed on.This little shore line painting was inspired by a painting I found in a magazine.These next 2 came straight out of a book called Little Landscapes by Priscilla Hauser. I was learning her technique, and what better way to learn it than follow along. I highly recommend reading the book, if anyone is interesting in learning how to paint....I checked it out from the local library!I really need to lower the horizon line in this pic.......You do learn as you go!And this one is all mine! I took a photograph of the German Valley when we were in West Virginia........I really loved all the layers of land in the picture! I'm not totally impressed with the painting (that middle plain is not quite right!), but it's a good first attempt! I do like the idea of it........I was with my Mom the day I took the picture, and she decided that she needed thistles for her scrapbook, and somehow convinced me to get her some. Yeah, I must of had dummy written on my forehead, because I didn't realize that thistles have thorns and are almost impossible to 'pick'! They are very hardy!! LOL...Needless to say, Mom didn't get her thistles.........and I had little thorns stuck in my fingers!! The memory is funny though, so that's what makes it special! Naturally, I titled it Thistle Hunting in the German Valley!And what would a blog entry be without a picture of my assistant? He's really not the best helper, but he's cute, so I put up with him! Oh, and I used acrylic paint on gesso'ed watercolor paper for the paintings.


rosanna said...

Very nice pictures, I specially like the last one of the German Valley. Thank you for sharing

Debbie said...

Brilliant Pictures Katie.. I used to watch Bob Ross years ago.

The Carolina Quilter said...

I've done a few mini paintings as well and would like to do more. I especially love the one of the river.

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