Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going back a little here

....and thought I'd show you some of my cakes. This first one is an all 'chocolate' cake....with roses and lilies in between each layer. (There's over 80 flowers on this little cake!)

The next 2 pictures are of what will one day be a cake shop. That's scrapbook paper in the back ground...I propped 2 pieces of it up, strictly for a photo. Now that I think about it, I hope I was smart and put it some where safe....I'll need it one day! I made the shelf, and the 3 tables are wooden jewelry boxes I found at Michael's. I've been looking in the HBS catalog and trying to decide what house will work best. I need a small 2 story house for this....Any ideas as to what house will work? The downstairs is going to house all the cakes, and an area for customers to sit and do taste testing. The upstairs will be a kitchen, an old fashioned kitchen, I think.....a black and white checker-board floor with pastel appliances. Poor cakes.......they're packed away for another day. I think with Valentine's just passing, and seeing all the great candies and cakes that everyone is making, that I'm getting the cake 'bug' again.......maybe....or maybe I'm just thinking...........................First I Must Finish Everything Else I've Started!! Hahaha....well, technically, this is something I've started......But I was talking about the 3 houses that are begging to be finished. OK...I'm rambling on to finish painting the cap from a bottle of mouth wash gold. It's going to be a laundry hamper when I get done!

Until next time....


Debbie said...

Love all the Cakes Katie..
Can't wait to see what House you choose to put them in.
Mini Hugs

Chris V. said...

All right, a cake shop! Seems like we all do one eventually! I have a whole container of cakes saved. Oh fun!
Yeah another project. haaa!

Caseymini said...

One word.....YUMMY!!!!