Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sorry to keep you waiting!

But this is not exactly working out the way I planned it. We made a video- not a good video- but one where Drew drew a name out of a bowl.... But I, for the life of me, can't remember how to upload it, lol. I've had issues with the computer lately, and have lost a lot of things... I did find my music though:) Thought I had lost that.....I'm listening to Blue October right now:) It's nice to have my songs back!! So..... I know, I know... You're here for the giveaway! :)

I took everyone's name and their favorite color, and put it on a piece of paper... cut them up, and then had my son help me fold them all. Then he drew a name............

Drew drew Roberta's name! Congrats Roberta! Please email me your address and I will get everything in the mail.... after I wrap it up all perty like!

Thanks again to all the people that entered! I was shocked to have so many people involved this year! Thank-you!!!

OK... so this is another one of those things that I had hoped to have done today. When I spray and paint these animals... I first apply a coat of gesso-and/or- glue to them to help the paint stick better. And when you spray something, you can still kinda see the original color underneath, so I like to also paint a layer of paint in there.... So after they get their first 2 coats.... They get sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed.... However, If is is humid- They will not dry quick enough for someone who is as impatient as me! I finally brought them in, and put them in front of the fan.... Tomorrow I should be able to age them:)

I've got a few projects going on here... There's a set of blue dishes that were those metal ones that have the spots... I gesso'ed them first, then they got a few coats of paint, before getting a few coats of glaze. It seems to take days to paint something properly!

I did manage to pick up a tube of bunnies and piggies from AC Moore's over the weekend.... I had really hoped to have them finished today being it's Easter and all...... sigh......maybe tomorrow?!

While I was taking pictures- I though I'd share one of my Mother's bright ideas with ya:) She got a new dishwasher recently, and took the silverware container out of the old one for me- She thought I could put my paintbrushes in them.... Even put little foam pieces in the bottom so nothing would fall out. But I'm using it as a paint caddy! It holds all my favorite Folk Art paints right now... Pretty nifty, huh! (Oh... and do you see the blue goat at the bottom of the page? He's the last of the antique animals I'm painting. Those that will be sold from now on out will be ones that I have found recently.)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I'm off to start wrapping Roberta gifts:)

Until Next Time!


Lataina said...

Congratulations to Roberta! Thank you Katie for the opportunity in participating in your awesome giveaway! =)

Ana Anselmo said...

wow! so many little things to paint! I like your paint basket, good idea of your mum!

by Sonya said...

Congrats to Roberta!Very lucky girl!
Thanks to you for this great opportunity...I hope in the next time!

cockerina said...

Congratulations to Roberta! and .. pity me .. : ((
kisses and good Easter Monday!

Kim said...

Congrats to Roberta!!!!! Thank you for a fun giveaway Katie- love your new paint caddy :)

Roberta said...

It's fantastic!!!
I'm very happy to see my name....I'm a very lucky girl!!!!
And I'm sure that all your fanatstic minis will be perfect for my little violet cottege!!!
Thanks again for your fantastic gift!!
I will mail you my address

Jollie said...

Congratulations to Roberta! :)
And KAtie, I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate.

Hugs, Jollie