Monday, April 11, 2011

What does a Saint and pig and a cow have in common?

Nothing really, Just that they've all been treated to one of my paint jobs:) lol

I bought these little Saints from Etsy last week..... I've aged them a little, and sealed them. Perfect for The Painted Lady! I have a few to go in Etsy.... But once they're gone, They're gone! Looks really good next to the church!
And then I thought I'd tease you a little with the plastic animals! I LOVE the pink Cow!! Looks so elegant sitting next to Jody's hydrangea!

Or what about a green pig? Isn't he just so cute?!

I'm still working on these... Everytime I think I've painted the whole thing, I'll find a spot on a hoof or something! And then there diferent things I want to do to them. Bought a big pig last night that I can't decide if I want to crackle it or spray it with stone spray?!~ Oh, decisions! Decisions! Don't forget to pop in here tomorrow.... I'll be posting about my Annual giveaway!

Until Next Time!


onbeingaminimum said...

Love everything as usual Katie but the piggie is definitely the best!

Ana Anselmo said...

they are really cute, I love the little pig!

Kim said...

as you know- I adore the Saint! I love the painted pig and cow too- I think I love the pig more, but they are both so darn cute I'm having a hard time deciding :) Genius idea Katie :)

Lataina said...

They all look great! I love the patina on the saint. This is the kind of aging I want to learn how to do, but don't know where to The animals look fantastic, but for some reason I'm gravitating to the pig.....must be the green. =)

Natalie Wilson said...


I absolutely adore the church. Can't believe I haven't noticed it before. I think that is my favourite of your bird boxes.