Monday, April 18, 2011

How Collections Begin!

OMG! I feel like I've been gone forever! I knew I shouldn't of opened my big mouth about how Great things were! LOL.... Let's see the car died... well its been trying to die, and last week she wouldn't start....Today, she started right up?? I wanted to kick her, lol! But I was nice, and told her what a good girl she was! Sometime this week she's got to get a check up, cause I need my car! Then the phone got turned off, completely my fault, and I'll leave it at that... and without the phone , there's no Internet... So I've been going through blog withdrawals. And.... I know there's some kind of bug in my computer.... Just can't figure out where. So that's another thing on my list of stuff to do... It just keeps getting longer and longer.

However! There is always light at the end of the tunnel.... I still have a smile on my face! And my mind is still in create mood....

So.... Here's a couple of pictures to tied you over:) First is the cabinet I made not to long ago..... All decorated with my 'white' collection. This is a collection I didn't realize I 'needed' until here recently.... And it's perfect in this cabinet! There's a horse from my farm set, one that I loved dearly as a child. There's pitchers that we all were making here recently.... The ones on the 3rd shelf were used with beads as the bases. On the second shelf there a ceramic pitcher that I have had in my belongings for a long time! I bought the dishes recently from a seller on Etsy..... And I'm hoping she puts more out:) I originally bought them because I had an idea for a project, but when I got them in my hands, they reminded me too much of my own dishes, and I realized I couldn't let them go. Then there's the doll heads! You can find more of them here (and a little history about them).... There was just something about them that attracted me to them.... I have one more head, but I need to sand the bottom of it down so it will sit properly. I'm sure over time, I will rearrange everything! I want this cabinet full!

This next pic is just a teaser..... It's a little something something I've been working on this weekend:)
I will be back soon, Armed with pictures.... I have lots of things to show you:)

Until Next Time:)


cockerina said...

I did jugs rusty lately. (see my blog) but I did not know that you can make pitchers, round with pearls. I feel I must now! thanks!
I love the horse, too!
Happy Easter!! Caterina

Lataina said...

Katie, the hutch looks beautiful with all the white! I love how the horse looks! Beautiful, just beautiful!!! =) I can't wait for more.

by Sonya said...

Fantastic collections of miniatures!I love the color of the cabinet!

Kim said...

wow- all the white looks so wonderful in your cabinet! I can't wait to see what you've been working on-is it for the mini garden???

Flora said...

The visual impact of all these white stuff is very impressive: beautiful collection :-)
Mini lovely hugs, Flora

Sans! said...

I love that shelf and everything on it! Well done, Katie!