Saturday, June 27, 2009

The party...

I promised my family I wouldn't post any embarrassing photos of the skating party......but I figured I'd sneak in just a couple!! The traditional picture of Cora blowing out her candle. This year she choose the cake 'with the peace sign on it' she put it! LOL

Look.....and the lucky dog got to go in the Money Box. It's a glass cage that blows money and air all around....and whatever she can grab....she got to keep:)

:) And she loved her new minis!! See the excitment in her face:) Even better, Look at the excitment in her bff's face!! *Mercedes, Liberty!!.....Look!! Cora still has her bracelet on:) She's been wearing it ever since she got it!!

And I thought I'd show you what an awesome Dad looks like! Poor Fella....The look on his face says it all!!

I had promised my ex I'd try not to laugh.....but I swear I spent the whole afternoon laughing, laughing so hard it actually hurt!!! but I wasn't laughing at them, I was laughing with them:) Promise;) This was Dad's first time Ever skating, so I have to give him props for trying!! Actually I was impressed with a lot of them!! The bf actually skated more than any of them, and was rocking it by the end!! My daughter's godfather was even out there......helping the younger ones get across the rink, even though he could barely stand up himself!! I was so proud of them for getting out there and skating with the kids!

Good Day! Great memories!!! Just what every Mom wants for her kids!!


moti said...

so funny!!!!!!!!, great!!!!!


Sans! said...

What a fun fun day and how wonderful is that to spend her birthday with all her closest for Cora. She looks a lot like you, Katie!

dora said...

!Que dia tan feliz!, Es cierto lo que se quiere a los hijos.

Debbie said...

Looks like Cora had a wonderful time with her friends and family at the Skating Party. Great pictures..

Anonymous said...

What a great day and how wonderful that everyone was there together. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. It certainly will make great memories and you have it all on film.

Kim said...

What great pictures! Happy be-lated birthday Cora!!!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Gosh she's a beautiful girl!
Glad she likes the bracelet!