Thursday, June 25, 2009

Picture Time!!

Recently I did a trade with Kat from She had posted these glass jars online, and offered to trade them with someone. I was so excited when she picked me! I sent her a mini shadow box in return.....but you'll have to wait till she gets it to see.....Here's my jars and a hat!! I put some Cotton Candy candy sticks in's going into Katie's Corner!! The other 3 will go into each of the kids houses.....just have to make some candy sticks to, I need and idea as to what kind of candy stick would go with A Star Wars Toystore and A skate shop......and well, Cora's getting pineapple flavored ones to go in her kitchen:)

Next we have a kit that Ana from sent me:) Last night I curled up in bed and watched back to back episodes of Bones and put this little shelf together. It's suppose to have a mirror in the middle and I was thinking I might put cork in there instead?! Still haven't figured out where it's going~ Maybe in the big brother's room in Cora's House?? LOL, Yeah! I know I still need to finish her house!! One day!!

Next we have a few Hello Kitty keychains that I found at the mall yesterday! I thought the one on the left would be cute in Cora' sitting room. The Pink Tiger one is going to Katie's Corner.....and the little 'goth' one on the right will be going to Cora for the daughter's room.

And now for some Otis pics.......I swear this cat's been sitting on my printer for 2 weeks now?? Do your cats do that...Pick a favorite spot, and sleep there for days??? Then they get bored? and find a new place??? He's funny, when I watch videos and stuff online, I'd swear he watches them too!!
And when he gets tired...he's just makes himself at home and takes a nap. Poor baby~ Mommy really needs to get all her junk off your cat tree so you can get your whole body in there and not just your head!

Yes! The opossum is still here.......and I don't get it! My cats are hunters, nothing makes it past them!....I can't tell you how many dead critters I have found on the porch over the years......Even woke up Christmas morning to a rat on the welcome mat! So Why are they letting that opossum eat ALL their food?? Don't get me wrong, I don't want them to hurt him/her; or get hurt themselves.....I just don't understand why they sit and watch it eat?? Do they think it's a kitten or something?? You see Pocus in the picture, Just watching the baby opossum eat??? Crazy!!

...and speaking of Opossums....Anyone ever watch the Bones episode where Bones is trying to chase away a really slow opossum??? Too funny!!

And one last picture! This doesn't happen often, so I'd thought I'd share it with you!! All 3 cats are sitting together!! OK, maybe they're not together, but all 3 are sitting on the same table, lol!
OK...I'm off to finish up a few things for Cora's birthday.....I can't show you pictures yet, But I will this weekend! All I'll say, is even I'm impressed!!! :)


Ana Anselmo said...

Katie, as usual I leve reading your post, it is just you were talking with me :) :)

The kit is great, I like the idea of putting a piece of cork instead of the mirror. Then you can put there a lot of mini post cards, tiny posts, etc. That will be fun.

Mary said...

Wow, you sure can multi-task! Once I tried gluing while watching the tube and made a big mess.

The feline trio there looks like they're having a Mountain Dew party. don't get hyper on caffeine, kitties! :)

Kim said...

The picture of Pocus makes me laugh. We have an outdoor cat (he HATES to be inside- even in the winter) that is named Kitty. We have a wild turkey that visits our bird feeder once in awhile and Kitty just sits and watches him just like Pocus is. Maybe somehow they think they will lose the fight so they just watch? I don't know, but I think it is funny too! I'm off to think about what kind of star wars candy you should have- you would think I know right away- I was obsessed with star wars when I was a kid! :) Maybe asteroid rocks or tie fighter cookies?

Caseymini said...

Happy Birthday Cora!!!

Katie, have you gotten a look at the possum's teeth? Sharp! I don't think that a smart cat would mess with them! Be happy they don't and just ask the pet store about stocking possum food! lol

Ana Anselmo said...

Katie! I have just put more phtos of Tico-Tico

Tallulah Belle said...

That last photo made me laugh so much :-)

MiniKat said...

Ooh! When is Cora's birthday??? This weekend? Hmm... ;-)