Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm changing my Name!!

LOL..Not my real name, but the name that I use to comment with on every ones blogs.....It will just come up as Katie now, instead of Katie's Clay Corner....I want to be able to comment from 'Let's Make Lemonade', but don't like that it comes up as Katie's Clay I changed it:)

Also, I have lots of comments to catch up on, I am so bad about hoping from blog to blog without saying something..... from Doreen's geese to the temple that Sans built....I'm so behind.

And While I thinking of it.....I got a package from Sans Yesterday! She was so kind and sent my boys some Lego sets! I will have pictures later! Promise! She also sent me a grown up toy for the bf's room. If you go over and have a look at her blog, I just say that it's one of her shiny things!!! LOL, I told the kids they couldn't see it, cause it's a 'grown up toy', LOL...I can only imagine what they think is in the box:) Thank You so much Susan!!!!!!

Also have to figure out how to send an international money order cheaper than Western Union. I really need to get a PayPal account, it would make mine and everyone else's life a lot easier!!! One day ladies, I will get it together!!!

Oh....and I had to run to the thrift store earlier to buy spoons.....I think my kids have thrown all mine away. Does this happen in your home, too?? Or Is it just my house??? I understand that I will never be able to find another pair of scissors, or the tape, or a pencil again...but my spoons??? Who's pulling my chain here??? Anyways, while I was out on the hunt for spoons, I found some good junk at the thrift store, too. pictures right now, I'm too lazy to get it all together, But I promise, soon........

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!


Mary said...

"Katie the Marshmallow Queen" has a nice ring to could change your name to that ;-)

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

A package from Sans is always fun! Missing spoons - tell me about it! Not only do the teaspoons disappear around here but the dessert spoons, very mysterious!
Now I am going to try and make one of your books today!

CA Verstraete said...

Not Miss Mallow? haaa!

Caseymini said...

At our house it's forks.....Pictures!!!! Please!!!!

Sans! said...

Oh yes, your books, just love them. Thank you for the awesome idea, Katie, especially the one on how to print words. I have been cracking my head over that one.

rosanna said...

coffespoons disappear at my house, I nver get them back! really misterious