Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Movie Inspiration again

When I woke up today, I decided to watch Nanny McPhee......If you haven't noticed by now, I love kid movies!!! But I must admit, ya'll have ruined me....LOL, I can't just watch a movie for entertainment purposes anymore, lol, instead I find myself dissecting the houses and sets!!! And the house in this movie is no exception!! Uncle Orson
(from :
called the house a 'glorious architectural nightmare', and I can't agree more!! I love the colors in this house, so bright and so friendly...and yet everything is aged to perfection! I love the blue and red front door, and I've never like blue and red together! The stained glass windows are gorgeous!

See...this is a picture of the sitting room in the house. See how brilliantly bright that green is! I just love it!! And it's even better in the movie, the top half of the room is slightly darker than the bottom. And I Love Mom's pink chair, and the olive green and gold curtains......Everything works so well together!

If you'd like to see a preview of the movie, you can check it out here:

Now do you see why I'd love to build this house in mini?? Yeah! I more houses.......But it sure would be a fun project! Maybe one day!

I did manage to get a little done on Marshmallow Manor today, too! I paper-clayed the front walkway, haha- I'm laughing because I feel so accomplished, and yet I've done so little, haha. I just have to go back and fill in some cracks and I think I'll be ready to start painting the outside of this house soon!
And one last picture before I go......One of the towels that was one the porch, blew off and into my flower bed.......So Pocus decided to take a nap in my hosta' it's cozy in there now?? Silly Kitty!!
OK...until next time! Take Care! :)


Ara said...

Now madly searching for my "must-see-movie" list to jot this one down. You could always just do a room box if you didn't have room for another house ;) That living room is awesome! -ara

Mary said...

I love Nanny McPhee! Have you seen Mr. Majorium's Wonder Emporium? That toystore and house would be great in mini, too!

I just love seeing your cats' antics :-)

MiniKat said...

I so need to see that movie.

Pocus looks so comfy there. What a lovely place for a nap indeed. ;-)

Love the walkway!

Caseymini said...

Katie, Nanny Mc Fee is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. If I am flipping through the channels and happen to see that it is on, I can't resist stopping and watching. It is wonderful!

The other one that I would like to do is the round Munchkin houses from Wizard of Oz. See you are quite normal!......

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Ok, finish that Marshmallow Manor and get building the Nanny McPhee house...too many idea's, never enough time...aarrggghhhh!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

We love Nanny Mc Phee,always putting it on on a wet Sunday to watch. A magnificent house, so colourful. The Wonder Emprium would be a job and a half to do!! Another great house is in the new Coraline Film, Kate xx

Ana Anselmo said...

I love kids movies too!may be because we are miniaturists, LOL !!! Cats are great, aren´t they? I love all of them including the big ones.
love for all the family
PS: I hope to finish today my 3rd bag and put pictures on the blog :)