Sunday, June 21, 2009

I've been waiting all year for these!

My day lilies are blooming and I thought I'd share a few pictures of them! Out of all of my flower beds, this one is my favorite. I started years ago with a couple of bulbs........and now I have over 40 blooms at a time!! I love these flowers, and they are well worth the wait!!

The colors in them are so pretty. Yesterday evening, they had a neon orange glow to them...

But they're closer to a yellowish color with the red insides.

While I was outside my youngest, Cameron met a new friend. LOL...He insisted I take a picture so you guys could meet Mr. Curly!!

And my oldest son, Drew took a picture of Pocus when I wasn't looking. She's our oldest cat and the only female one we have.

Also managed to go through one of our closets that acts like an attic for us.......and came across these:
Not to sure what country they came from, but I know my Step-dad picked them up somewhere out there for us. If anyone can tell me what they are, I'd appreciate it! They're about 6 inches tall and seem to be carved out of wood? I think they'd be really cute in miniature. Maybe if I glued the right beads to each other, I could get the body form I need?? LOL....another project to add to the list.

See ya tomorrow........


Mary said...

Lovely daylilies, Katie! I love bulb flowers best because they multiply and come back yearly. I've heard of "forcing" or "tricking" bulbs by using a refrigerator to get flowers in the fall/winter indoors but I've never tried it.

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Those lilies are stunning and the little wooden people are so cute...I think they need a pretty little house!

Kim said...

Your lillies are gorgeous! I am now officially in love with Pocus too.

Caseymini said...

Katie, you have been tagged. Come and see on my blog. Love the daylilies!

Jo Raines said...

I love daylilies also and have several around our house and have a few more ordered. They are nearly my favorite. I'll have to take pix of some of mine as well and share them!

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