Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eye candy for the Bf's Man Room

You know I was just thinking!! It's pretty bad when your dolls have a better couch than you do! Hahaha.....Seeing as I have no 'new' minis made....I thought I'd share a few things that will go to live in the Man's Room. LMAO~ That's if I can ever get the 'Man' in question to build it......Cause if I build it, I may have to paint the walls pink or something!! LOL :)

So....Here's his leather couch!

And what would a Man's room be with out a bar?? We've got several Liquor bottles and cigars!

Here's a knight I bought him.....I would like to find several more to add to this! And miniature weapons...LOL.....he's gotta have guns and swords and stuff, LOL!

And here's a picture of some of the odds and ends we have. There's a chess table, a camel carpet, a flat screen old register, books, a bonsai tree....a globe....a Chinese tea set..... You know everything that a man of a world nature would want to have! LOL....By the time I actually get him to build this thing, I will already have everything to go in it! :)

I did manage to run to the mall yesterday with the bff for lunch, and while we were there we walked over to the candy store. There was a table up front, with ALL kinds of magazines and comic books on clearance. Looked like someone had brought their collection in to sell or something. Any ways...I picked this up! And wow!!! Is it neat! There's info on not only Star Wars but also Dracula, Jason, and other weird creatures. Mind you it's from 1983, and I appreciate that. It's interesting to go back (almost)30 years and see how they viewed 'monsters' verses the way we do today! Neat magazine!!!


MiniKat said...

I need to figure out where I stuck the other dragon to paint. Blue and silver, right? ;-)

Sweet deal on the comic book! Is it any good?

rosanna said...

Such a smart sofa! and all the manly goodies, he is a lucky chap

Sans! said...

That is an amazing sofa!!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Y'know it's the same here, the dollhouse couch is waaaaay better than the real one. Love your little leather sofa. You really need that room built don't you?!

Anonymous said...

Your man's room is going to be great and you haven't even built it yet. Isn't i ffun collecting stuff for it though?