Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Work....

I just can't tell you how much I appreciate these printies! Yesterday I received an envelope in the mail all the way from Hawaii! Tara at sent me a handful of printies!!! LOL...Betcha can guess what I did last night! Yup! Sat on the couch and cut almost all of them out. Still have to find my 'little' scissors~Cause these Big ones are killing my hands! I'll have to interrogate the kids later as to where they could be, lol!

Thanks again Tara for keeping me busy:)

Let's see, I did manage to get the 'wood' part of the windows painted their base color. I started with Espresso brown, and will work into the lighter shades, lol...when I get up the confidence to do so. Does this happen to you, You'll put off doing something, because you're afraid of messing it up, ....Only to finish it at a later date, to only wonder why you made such a big deal about it in the first place, Haha??? Sometimes you just gotta do it!!!

And last but not least, We have the fat cat, Um, I mean Otis, napping in the crack between the cushions on the couch.....Doesn't he look cozy!!!

Ok...That's about it for now......Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! I'll be (did you hear my 'Terminator' voice come out there, Hahaha!!)

Until Next Time...

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Debbie said...

Katie the Cat looks very contented and your Cottage looks great. Tara's printies are wonderful..xx