Friday, June 5, 2009

Update on the strays

Thought I'd give you an update on the critters that I've been feeding. We see the orange one about everyday.....He's getting braver every time he comes, too. Last night I put his food on the porch, and he came right up and ate. It was late, and we were all getting ready for bed........I was almost asleep when my oldest came running in and said "Mom, Rufus has brought a kitten back with him".....So, I got up, got dressed and went to have a peek out the window. LMAO....It wasn't a kitten, if fact it was a baby opossum!! What!! Now I'm feeding an opossum too???? Bah hahaha...and here I thought it was the kitties that were eating all the food.

I still haven't seen Momma kitty or her kittens, but Rufus, the orange stray, is slowing trying to make a home here. And that's OK with me....In fact if I actually had my own money, I would take him in and get his shots and get him fixed.........Slowly, he's winning my heart over!!! But that opossum has to go!!

And while were talking about getting rid of unwanted critters.....I have an approach that used to work really good.....Take an empty trash can, and put it somewhere where the critters can jump in (right next to the porch).....Put a little bit of kitty food into the bottom, and let it sit over night. They will climb in the trash can to eat, and they can't climb back out. Now around here, I can call animal control, and they come pick them up for free and return them to the woods..........I have caught over 5 Opossums this way, Had a whole family living under the trailer once, and I lured them out one by one.... Looks like I may have to pull put the trash cans again, First, though, I have to wait for it to stop raining........

No minis new meds have me wanting to do nothing but lay around:(


Kim said... is kind of cute, but I agree- no opossums! I'm glad that you posted an update- I've been wondering what has been going on with your kitties. I hope your meds even out and make you feel better. Have a fantastic weekend Katie :)

Jo Raines said...

Hey, Katie! Sounds like you are busy with critters. We have had raccoons and possums come up on our back porch from the woods and eat our dog and cat food and the raccoons just look at you if you turn on the light. I love them. They are so cute but DH gets out the shotgun and shoots (not directly at them) to scare them away. Poor things. One recently hid behind a tree and peeked around as if to say, "Do I know this guy?!!!"

Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog and also for taking the time to write and ask if we were still alive! We're hanging in. Never been rich so never will be. But I can settle for rich in love and I've not missed any meals! haha.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Caseymini said...

roflol....What a cute...opossum????
No Katie, you can't keep him!

Katie said...

Hey Casey!! Maybe Tessie would like a 'possum'?! Now I'm rolling on the floor laughing, Hahaha!!! Good think she can't do spells like that, huh!! Hehe

LOL..I had to look up the way you spell opossum, to see if I was spelling it right....and according to can be spelled both ways. Of course for some reason I had to keep reading....and got to the point where they started talking about recipes in The Joy of Cooking....and well, It gave me the ickies!! That's enough learning for me today, LOL!!!

Oh...and do you see how bold this little fella was!! He let me open the window and take about 10 pictures, with the flash On, and didn't leave till every last piece of cat food was gone!!

Thanks Kim....I hope all of you enjoy your weekend, too!

And Jodi~ Glad to have you back!!! :)


MiniKat said...

Thinking good thoughts and sending them your way!


Ana Anselmo said...

Hi! Katie, just to say hello and send you a hug. I am on holidays during the next all week :) and I hope I can finish some bags and minis.
love from Portugal