Sunday, June 7, 2009

Never a dull moment around here!

Thought I'd start my blog off today with a picture from my garden.....

I just love that little frog......

Here's a picture of my Hosta plants....for some reason, they seem to be the only plant in the yard that wants to do well this year?! Their leaves are bigger than my hands! I also have a planter of Ivy in here that I've been trying to grow for years now, and have had no luck?? I just keep saying maybe next's actually kind of funny when you think about it, Normally people can't kill it, and Me, I can't get it to grow!

Also thought I'd show you one of JD's hiding spots....He's on top of my neighbors' shed.....Sound asleep! I couldn't even get him to lift his head for the picture!! He likes being up here cause he can see into everyone yard from up there~ He's like a guard dog!! LOL.....and if your wondering what those green spots are on the back of the shed......well, that's what happens when a 6 year old gets his hands on a can of spray paint.....LOL, Thank-god it wasn't my kids, but, now that I think of it, I wonder if his parents even knew he did it.............It's not like they can see it from their yard, lol!! Boys!!!

And this is how I started my weekend off......By 'dremel'ing my thumb! Yup! I sure did.....I was trying to split open one of those seed pods and dremeled right off the side onto my thumb! Yes, it hurt....but No there was No blood!! And now I have this lovely little dent in!! Only me!

But it was the bf that really 'screwed up' this weekend, lol!!! We live in an area where it has a tendency to flood, and I have lived here long enough to know that you don't try and drive through the 'puddles' around here, because some of those 'puddles' come up past your butt.....But the bf did not realize the depth of it, and tried to drive our car though one. He didn't make it, had to climb out the window, and push the car to dry land. He got it home, then spent a few hours outside with the kids and cups, scooping out the water!! If you look close, you can see one of his 'scoops' coming out right next to his leg! It's was awful!!! And now the car won't start! Ugg! But, like my Mom least it wasn't me that did it, or I'd never hear the end of it!!! So, tomorrow, I've got to get it towed to the shop, and hopefully she can be saved! I really, really, need my car!!

And last but not's Rufus eating! He's been coming by twice a day now...... and hangs around after for a good belly rub!

Earlier, I sent my oldest to the store for something....and a few minutes later, he came running back in the house to tell me he found Mama cat and her kittens. She has moved about 5 trailers down, and was sitting on the porch with all 5 of her kittens! Yes, she has five, not 2 like I originally thought! 2 brown Tabby's, an all black one, and black and white one, and a black, white and orange one! I went down there and tried to make friends with them....I threw some kitty treats over the fence and even got one to eat some out of my hand under the gate. They were all very skittish, but the little black one caught on right away, and was even getting feisty over eating his was rather amusing to watch! Made me forget about all the crap for a minute, and enjoy the little things!

No minis this weekend.....But I did had a brilliant thought, lol. Last night while looking at a soap dish that I have put away for a bed, I thought about building some kind of 'nest' for the bunnies to sleep in.....It's real cute in my head! Now, let's see if I can make it happen in Marshmallow Manor?!


Katie said...

Hey! It's me.....Just wanted to add a link to a really good tutorial on making a nest!

Mary said...

Injured nails take a long time to grow out--I dropped some heavy objects on my big toe several months ago and now it's still black and bruised-looking! I hope your finger doesn't hurt anymore!!

The water scooping scene reminds me of sailors stranded in a storm drying to heave bucketfuls of water to save the boat! Best of luck on your car.

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Love the frog! The only gardening advice I can give is - water. Not that I remember that very often. lol!

Kim said...

Kittens do have a way of making you forget your troubles- glad they are still around and you got to see them! I think the nest for the bunnies sounds like a great idea! Hope your car is ok- maybe it just needs a good drying out? Your Mom is right- at least you didn't do it! Hope you have a great week!

Tallulah Belle said...

Ouch...and poor BF...bey he won't try that again lol.

Hope your finger gets better soon and your car can be dried out and working quickly !

Debbie said...

Just been having a major catch up on your blog Katie..Seems like its all happening at yours. Love your Hosta's. Mine have been shredded by slugs..xx