Sunday, June 28, 2009

Look at what I won:)

I don't think I told you, but I recently won a giveaway from Kim at !! Please take the time to go check out her pics! Here's a link to the original giveaway:

I won this Beautiful Book!! Completely handmade! There's a fairy on the front that Kim painted, and all I can say is my picture does not do it justice!! She's so cute!! And look, she even has a pink dress on! Her crown and her wand are also 3-D!

The inside is lined with flowered paper and bordered with a purple ribbon. I love my new book! So much I'm afraid to even write in it!! I don't want to mess it up, lol! It's beautiful!!

Also included in the giveaway was this set! Two hand painted pictures and a mirror to match.....When I took the picture, I did laugh at myself thinking this picture should be included in the what not to do when taking a picture...but It was the only way I could take a picture of it without blinding you with the flash!

As an added bonus, she sent me the most adorable pair of mini Moccasins!! I just love the bead work in them! Aren't they cute!!

She was even kind enough to send me some acorns and a gourd from her garden! Thank-you Kim for all the great gifts you sent me:) I can't wait to put them all into place!!

Oh.....and a gift Kim sent, that she didn't realize was a gift...........The box!!! LOL......Otis sat on the table for a long time figuring out how he was going to get in there......I was able to grab the camera cause I knew what was coming.......

If you have cats, You know what I mean...You can see the excitement in their eyes right before they get ready to pounce on something! And in this case, I knew he was getting ready to dive into the box.....

Like This!! LOL.....This is about as far as he got before he realized he just wasn't going to fit, LOL!!!

I tell ya! He's always good for a laugh!! Thanks for the box, too Kim:) hehehe


Kim said...

I am so glad Otis got a gift too! I just love Otis :)

Sans! said...

They are lovely! Congrats, Katie!

A. Wright said...

Wow, what a fab package! Heh I swear out kitties see the UPS truck and start to get excited :)

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Wonderful gifts! Love those little paintings.