Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have you seen my cheap Watercolors??

I can't find them anywhere!! Not in here....not over there??? Dang, I just seen them!! Oh used Grandma's expensive ones instead! When my grandmother passed away years ago, I inherited her art supplies. She did the most beautiful water color paintings! One day I'll have to get some of her pictures for ya'll to see! I must say though, that her colors are quite impressive! Very bold, and I like them bold. Yes, I've started to paint Marshmallow Manor! Finally!! LOL...

I'm liking everything but the blue, lol. Looks messy, but once it's done, it will work, I promise! I just love my Marshmallow rocks!!

It looks so little sitting next to Katie's Corner, hahaha. Thought you might like to see a corner of my desk. In the right upper corner is a picture of a 'baby''s a picture from the Anne Gebbes collections.....I have several of her pictures on my wall!! The little green frame in the middle is of a squirrel laying on my Aunt's balcony rail. She's a photographer and this is one of my favorite pictures!! Next to that is my first experiment with paperclay.. It's a door way that I did on foamcore. I also made a Christie Friesen Lion head door knocker!! And of course there's a million books. I think most of the ones you can see here are Polymer Clay books....oh, and there's clay magazines!! Can you tell I love my clay? Hahaha

And then we have Otis...He's sitting next to me on the printer, well, his butt's on the printer, lol. Pocus just ran down he hall, and he's trying to see where she went, lol.

Alrighty then.....I'm off to try and finish painting. Wonder what movie I should watch today??? Hmmm....decisions, decisions!! LOL Until Next Time:)


Kim said...

Katie- I really like the blue! It looks great in the photographs. I think that it's great you are using the art supplies- why let them go to waste! I think your Grandma would be happy they were being used. Speaking of... I hope you post some of her pictures- I would love to see!

I'm thinking I might want to move into Marshmallow Manor! It's really looking beautiful.

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Did you know Anne Geddes is a New Zealander?! My oldest neice was in one of her photo shoots for her clothing range when she was a baby. I'll keep a lookout for some Anne Geddes stuff for you now! Noah had a tonne of her board books when he was a baby (they were a free giveaway with the nappies) they were his favourites.